Going on holiday :-)

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m going to be busy for the next couple of days and then I’m going on holiday on Friday for three weeks so won’t be around much to answer posts until 14th July (or later, depending on jet lag!). I will have internet access from time to time so if there is something that really can’t wait and that Pat, Tina, Poll, Debbie or one of the other “old timers”(!) can’t answer but I might be able to help with, which I expect is highly unlikely!, then send me a pm and I’ll try to reply if I can.

Australia here I come!!! Woohooooooooooooooooooooo :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hope you have a lovely time Karen x

oh wow, and i thought my Anglesey hol this week was posh lol. Lucky lady I say!

Have an absolutly fab time, enjoy the rest. Try not to get too hot, maybe a load of semi naked greek gods waving some fans while you sip your drink will help? i think the nhs should fund this treatment?

kel x

Have a fabulous time!!! xx

Have a bonzer time :wink:

Have a really fantastic time down under Karen.

Moyna x

Have a fantastic time x

Have a great holiday

Wow - have a lovely time. Hope we get to hear a bit about it when you’re back. :slight_smile:


Have a wonderful holiday :slight_smile: x

Hope you have a fabulous trip! x

Safe journey Karen and Mr Karen, and have a wonderful time. Val x

So jealous Karen! Have a great time! Kay xxx

Have a great time, thank you for your help

Have a lovely time Karen. Enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Part of me would love to go to Australia but the arachnophobic part of me says NOOOOO!

Tracey x

I don’t recall seeing a holiday request form submitted to the forum. I have got an MRI scheduled for Monday afternoon then an appointment with the doc on Tuesday afternoon. Now I will have to wait for 3 weeks for you to explain in English what the hell he is talking about!! Three weeks in Australia should get your Vitamin D levels up. Have a fantastic time Karen.

Have a wonderful time :slight_smile: Sam xx

Youll be missed hun, but well be waiting to hear how the hol down under went. Lucky you.

luv Pollx

You will be missed, have a lovely time. You will be busy when you get home answering to all of us so enjoy the rest x

How sad am I - first chance today to go online and here I am: during the interval of Giselle! And getting some VERY funny looks as I loudly(!) LOL at first spider phobia and then holiday request forms :slight_smile: Thank you everyone :slight_smile: I will do my very best to have an absolutely BRILLIANT time! And now, I really WON’T be back for a while!!! Kx