Sorry ...

Evening, just wanted to say sorry to everyone as i think i went “slightly” off the rail recently… panicking and not putting things into perspective… chances are that i probable have ms , however, still waiting for offical confirmation…

I did want to say however that over the last week i have been positive and booked several trips away both with friends and a holiday in august with my son…i am looking forward…

I have decided to “live” in the now…its not easy sometimes but starting to realize that worrying doesnt change anything…hard for me who is a persistent worrier !!!

Kristy x

Can’t say I’d noticed!

Living in the now sounds like a very sensible plan for now - enjoy!

Karen x

Hi Kristy, just had a quick look back for the post you are apologising for and I can``t find it!

However, I doubt you need to apologise. We all get in a knot with ourselves at times, so a vent or rant is much needed. This is the place to do just that.

I also have a mini holiday to look forward to in May.

we need something to focus on to get us through this awful weather,eh?

luv Pollx