Going mad with worry Please helping

Hello I am really worried about my Mri results could someone PLEASE put the results into layman’s terms for me, I tested positive babinsky, my gait is poor, I have tremors and spasms, my finger to nose test was poor as was my balance test.

My Mri letter to my GP was as follows :-

The patience MRI showed some diffuse high T2 and flare signal within the pons leaving a central rim of normality around the outside.I have reviewed the images myself and this is certainly vascular disease.

My GP thinks this is showing signs of small strokes, is she correct ?

I am desperate for answers and. Some closure for my sanity :frowning:

Hi, Vascular disease is definitely NOT MS. Your GP’s interpretation of “small strokes” sounds consistent with a description of vascular disease (i.e. to do with the blood vessels). I don’t know much about it, other than this, but I hope the results mean you can start appropriate treatment ASAP. Tina

The spelling is a bit confusing, but the key word is “diffuse” - MS lesions are not diffuse; stroke lesions often are.

The pons is an important structure in the brain so a stroke there would cause a load of symptoms. Hopefully rehab and the right treatment will help a lot with your current symptoms - as well as prevent any new strokes.

Good luck.

Karen x

Thanks Karen yes my GP did mention small strokes xxx

Thanks. Anitra xx