Hi folks, just a bit of an update

I have had my LP and VEPs and also found out a bit more of what my MRI showed.

LP, went well apart from needle touching a nerve that sent shocks and pain down one of my legs, was bearable though and least they got the samples needed. Am in quite some discomfort with backache though slightly better today, feel like i have been kicked in the back! Just been lying flat and drinking loads of water and tea and coffee to prevent headache.

VEPs, very quick, was only in thr room about 20 minutes and the actual staring at the screen was only a few minutes for each eye, was a doodle compared to the LP!

MRI, apparently there are numerous lesions scattered throughout my brain! Radiologist has said could be small vessel disease but not typical, could be demyelination but not entirely typical!

Must admit i am v worried about the Mri, had a quick GOogle about small vessel disease but that seems to be in elderly people and would cause more strokelike symptoms, would it cause Ms type symptom? I am 45, nonsmoker, slightly overweight, high cholesterol. My symptoms are dizziness, tingling, creeping flesh sensations, visual disturbances, numbness, fatigue, double vision on looking left, had lhermittes previously, occasionally get feeling of warm water running down back of legs

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me their thoughts on what they would gues this is? I know i need to wait for results but its going to be weeks yet before the Lp results come back and i get to see the neurologist. I have been ill for about 9 years, worst for the last 3

Thanks for reading, all ideas and thoughts would be appreciate, apologies for typos, on unfamiliar tablet!



thanks for letting us know how you got on with the LP and VEP. I hope your backache improves very quickly and most importantly you have results sooner rather than later.

My very best wishes to you.

Thank you Horsemad. Backache is bit better today, managed to get up and have a shower and moving around a bit more! Hate enforced rest, its sooo boring!