Newbie - Awaiting LP results

Hello - Had an MRI back in July which showed up 7 - 8 lesions in the same area of the brain. Currently have bad case of Fibromyalgia and reason for neurology input was sudden onset of paralysis of my left arm which lasted over 2 minutes. It happened a second time too as well as numbness on and off all over, issue with balance etc. As well as the fibro symptoms I suffer from issues with my eyes ie flashy lights, floaters, feeling that some things suddenly move out corner of eye etc. Muscle stiffness / pain / joint pain / stiffening joints and bouts of extreme fatigue (thats a hard one) It really is a worrying time, its only been a week since LP but what a long draggggg. This forum seems really nice though and supportive :slight_smile:

Hello Buttercup

You haven’t actually asked anything, but I thought I’d answer you anyway.

I’m afraid the road to diagnosis for MS (or for ruling out MS) is long and arduous. And can seem quite lonely at times. You are very welcome to wait for your results here.

We do often see people who already have fibromyalgia who are investigated for MS. It does seem like a heavy burden to drag around with you.

Do you know when you’ll be getting your LP results? Hopefully soon.


Hi and thanks. All a bit vague I’m afraid :frowning: sorry I didn’t reply sooner I’ve just woke up from a nap lol