Had MRI, VEP and LP today!!

Well I’ve had all these tests today on a day ward. very good service I thought, saves a lot of hassle going backwards and forwards 3 times! i went in at 8am and all done and on my home at 1pm. (after been given strict instruction as soon as I get home to lie flat, drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol for headache.

I’ve done as I’m told I’m in bed, ive had a sleep and lots to drink. got a bit of a headache, nothing too bad’ but much worse when i get up to go the loo!

Just eager now for results, but know I’ll be waiting a while…

Only one thing annoyed me, they’re still telling me one thing and writing another thing down. The Dr told me he was doing the LP to eliminate certain things, he didnt tell me what. When he left the room for a mo, I saw on my notes it said reason for LP was diagnosis! Just wish they would be staight with me! Never mind, time will tell now when i get my results.

Julie x

I had LP in August. Make sure you keep drinking loads. I had a lovely registrar do mine and she told me the fluid keeps the headache at bay. Good luck x

Smiley, they were looking for certain types of proteins which are found in msers. Mine was positive for these but still no dx! I am sooo frustrated!

I had a LP in July of this year. Unfortunately I had the headache from hell after and was in a bad way for 4 days with sickness and everything. It eventually settled and its a means to an end and it got me some results. They found the O bands in my CSF but still no diagnosis of MS yet, although I have been given an appointment with MS nurse, so go figure!!

Hope you get the results you are waiting for.

Nette x

Smiley: I think they only use LPs now if no dx by other means. My nuero is either going to find something by all these tests, or he will discharge me as the results are clear.

Chris: Thanks for the advice. I am doing my best to drink as much as poss, its harder than you’d think isnt it. i have got a mild headache (and neck and shoulder ache) I am staying on my back. As soon as i sit up or stand up the pain intensifies greatly!!! its a very weird pain! im just bored lying down!! (im using an android ipad thingy now) and my back is sore where the needle went in which doesnt help. Sorry you’ve still got no dx

Nette: Was your headache ok when lying down flat? Sorry you went through all that pain and still no dx!! crappy isnt it. Although strange you have an ms nurse! maybe your neuro not telling you everything!

This wait for results is going to be a killer now. There is no good outcome… if results are clear, which should be a good thing, will leave me back to square one. lots of horrible symptoms and no dx. or the result come back positive which means I really am ill!!