LP results back after 2 wks - poss dx??

Hi, I’ve been popping on this site for last 2 months. Had a range of symptoms all affecting my left side, numbness, pins & needles, burning, pulsating pain. Also dizziness, tripping over & losing my balance suddenly - I fell down the stairs. Also the most crippling fatigue ever - words cannot describe it. Had brain & spine MRI - narrowing at left c6 exit canal. Seen initial Neuro consultant in march -decreased pain sensation on left side of body. Reflexes were very brisk but the ankle jerks polyclonal. Plantars bilaterally upgoing. Had follow up in June not same Neuro - a special registrar. Re-examined me -polyclonal reflexes on legs & very brisk reflexes on her hands. Plantars upgoing & decreased tactile sensation on left side. I also started swaying during balance test. She advised LP required. Her letter re this appointment sent to me & doc stated 'in view of the clinical picture & examination I am preceding with LP. Had that on 24th July - went a bit squiffy & they put me on monitor - my bp was low. Had a call today from Neuro secretary advising shed been asked by the specialist Neuro registrar who saw me last to book me in next Weds to see Consultant Neurologist. This has thrown me as I though results would take longer & whilst relieved I’m in next week - concerned a bit as to what they will say. Have a gut feeling - MS?? any advice, opinions or views would be appreciated. Limboland is hard going, my first symptoms started in Jan- I’m off work again as so fatigued, in pain & struggling just to function. I feel 90 not 41yrs old Thanks


I found this on page 2. It may have been held for moderation. Hopefully someone will come along and help.

Angela x

Thanks for letting me know - thought I’d done something wrong!!

Limboland is not pleasant. Lived with it for 8 weeks and it was a haze. Am sure you’ll feel better once you see neuro and have some answers, with that you can re-establish some control with a good plan. Try not to think about it too much-positive mental attitude is the best thing in these circumstances… the sun always comes out of the clouds x

Thanks - I am a positive person - quite intuitive so have listened to my body & also giggled & cried at the weird things it been doing & of course the bizarre & strange burning, tingling, numbness, tightness & the horrible buzzing esp at night :slight_smile: