Questions While Waiting

Hi I had an MRI done in July but I just received the disc today. My PCP read the report and referred me to the MS Center for Excellence with OMRF but when I read the report I question if what it found is more stroke like than MS. I am obviously not trained in this and my appointment w/ OMRF isn’t until December. I was hoping someone on here could help explain what the impression notes of my MRI means.

“There are a few minimal non enhancing foci of altered T2 signal intensity within the frontal lobe white matter. This likely reflects minimal small-vessel ischemic change, and may be related to vascular headache. Early demyelinating disease is not entirely excluded.”

In March I began having symptoms of: joint pain, random rashes (I think it’s a food allergy), left arm jerking, left hand tremor, severe fatigue, brain fog, difficulty finding desired words, and dizziness. Since then I have had muscle weakness, it feels like someone punched me in my arm really hard and lasts for hours. I went to stand up after an hour long movie and my legs wouldn’t work, I fell forward. No they were not asleep. Muscle spasms in my legs that are so fast and intense they’ve caused me to bump into walls. Muscle cramps that last for 15-20 minutes at a time and are so painful I can’t move and my toes will bend at horrible angles. Heel and arm numbness and tingling. After my Doctor ruled out other causes she sent me for the MRI. She also did this thing in the office where she used her fingers to kind of scratch areas of my body equally on each side. When she did this to my forearms I could barely feel it on the left arm. The symptoms started in March and worsened through July. They have improved greatly since but I have had another episode of vision loss in the last week (description below). I started thinking back and in 2007 I had three episodes where I would have a floater in my field of vision (one eye) that would grow in size until it consumed that eye’s entire site. It would then go gray and I couldn’t see my hand right in front of my face. They would last up to an hour. No headache during or after these episodes. I saw my eye Doctor the same day of each episode and he ran every test except for an MRI, everything optic came back normal. I have had 3-4 more of those episodes since 2007, the most recent was a week ago. I also have night sweats which started in 2007.

I am a 33 YOF 5’7 140lbs. I have never smoked or done drugs. I have worked as a Vet Tech, EMT, and I am now a medical scribe for my PCP.


Lupus- Neg
RA- Neg
Lyme- Neg
Sjogrens- Neg

ESR- 30 (June) 25 (July)
CRP- 0.2
High Sensitivity CRP- 5
CCP- Neg
ANA- Neg
Vitamin D- 44
Magnesium- 2.0
B12- 412
TSH- 1.49

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and any input you have.