Gggrrrrrrr MRI results

The hospital called me yesterday to say my results had been reported (3 working days is that a record!!??) and I could go and collect a copy.

My eppy nurse told me she would get the results as soon as poss and let me know. I hadn’t heard anything by this evening so I went and picked up the disc. As she gave it to me another receptionist snatched it back and said I wasn’t allowed the report until it had been verified.

So at least I have the pictures now but they are no use to me and I am going crazy just waiting.

Sorry rant over.

Oh blimey Nikki, how stressful!

I know I can’t be of any help, just didn’t want to read and run without sending virtual hugs.

Sam x

Hi Nikki,

I feel your frustration for you (((((HUGS)))))



I’m still going off my head waiting to hear something! I check my phone every 30 seconds in case I’ve missed a call.

I must say though looking at the scans is fascinating stuff.

Oh on earth did you manage to get some sleep? 

It sounds horrible left dangling like that.

I hope you get your phone call soon and they can give you the answers you need!!

Let us now hey?


Mandymoo xx

Thanks Mandy, I didn't sleep really. I'm just sat here now winding myself up lol.

Will let you know if I ever hear!


xxx jen xxxhappyflower

I hate the waiting. Hope the next few days go really relaly quick.X

Aww Nikki, what a night mare, i hate being kept waiting too! *big hugs*, hope you get some answers soon!


Wishing time passes quickly for you.


happyflowerHuuuggggssss lovely - go do something lovely or mad while you wait happyflower

Still nothing and I think my head will explode if I don’t hear anything soon. I have had to stop myself looking at the scan pictures. I saw something really sinister looking on one of them and panicked a bit till I realised it was a mark on my screen haha.

I have been trying to do stuff to take my mind off it but now I have overdone it and am exhausted.

Thanks for the support