Getting tingling sensations in legs

I have both Type 2 diabetes (on insulin) and secondary progressive MS, so quite a lot to put up with.

I have had diabetes since 1990 and MS (diagnosed) in 2000 (with some VERY nasty symptoms before the diagnosis).
Been on insulin since 1997 and on Copaxone since 2003 (it’s helped, no major events, just a lot of small ones)

Something new has come up so I’m posting in both forums to see if someone has an idea what’s going on.

About a week ago, I suddenly left a tingling sensation in a ring around my right foot just below the ankle. I didn’t think too much of this until after a few days the sensation spread upwards until I could feel a whole band of tingling both above and below the ankle.

Then I felt the same ring of tingling on the left foot also starting below the ankle.

Over the next few days the tingling sensation on the right foot extended up to the middle of the calf, and the feeling on the left leg also spanned the ankle. At the same time the initial band on the right leg changed its sensation to a tightening feel.

One thing that is notable is that the sensations are reduced when I’m wearing socks. But it still makes walking any kind of long distance unpleasant. I’m already using a stick to walk with as the MS is messing with my balance.

My blood sugars are higher than I want them to be, and am working hard on getting them lower. For me it seems the 4 - 7 range doesn’t work. My diabetic nurse agrees that 6 - 8 is acceptable. Anything lower and I feel terrible.

I am trying to get early appointments with my neurology consultant and also my diabetic nurse but it seems like this will take some time.

So, in the meantime, I’m asking the communities whether you have encountered anything like this and can tell me what it is and what, if anything, I can do about it.

hi norman

if it was just ms that troubled you, i’d say it definitely sounds neuropathic.

however i’ve not a clue about diabetes.

carole x