Get well messages for Scoobie

Hi all. I’m sure a lot of you remember Em (Scoobie68). She’s having a really tough time right now in hospital so I thought she might like a bit of a boost by knowing that she is in our thoughts and that we hope things get better for her very soon. So, from me: Hang in there Em. We miss you! (Actually even the people who don’t know you miss you, even though they don’t know it! - you are an inspiration to anyone who is afraid of living with disability.) xxx Karen x

Hi Em Sorry that you’re so unwell atm - hope that things improve for you really quickly and that you get home soon. Teresa xx

Hey Em, really hope things improve for you soon. Hang on in there xxx

Hey Em

Sorry to hear you are unwell. You’re a fighter so I know you’ll get better soon.

Thinking of you.



Sorry to hear you are unwell.

You were one of the first to respond when I posted as a newbie with optic neuritis.

You made me understand where I was at and the ins and outs of this journey I was about to embark on.

I really hope the hospital can sort you out and get you back on the road to a speedy recovery.

We are all behind you

Take care


Hi Em, hope you’re feeling much better soon hon.

Sending you extra HUGE ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Love Pat xx

Hi Em,

Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time, hope you feel better real soon. Sending (((((HUGS)))))



Oh Em so sorry to hear you’re having a bad time of it lately. Sending you my love and huge hugs. Hope you feel better soon xx

Em… really sorry to hear you are unwell. Get well soon!!! We all need your help and advice!!

Paula xx

Hope you get well soon you are missed here, just look at all the messages.


Get well soon :slight_smile: Best wishes xx Sam xx

Get well soon (((big hugs)))


BIG (((HUGGS))) from scouseland scoobs Frank

Hi Em I would like to wish you a speedy and prompt recovery.

Hi em, me too hun!

luv Pollx

Get well soon.

Sonia x

Get well soon, sorry you are so ill atm.

hope you are home soon.


Best wishes Em.

hey everyone thanks to you all for your supportive and encouraging words…means allot so thanks been on a neuro ward for 4wks…eek now waiting for a neuro rehab bed at local centre but working hard as I can re physio etc in here food is vile…craving toast and marmalade lol no toasters here bread and jam just not the same have had a fair few tests vep positive in both eyes poss On in right eye too July/aug or lazy eye produced slower response isolated nerve and muscle studies ok nerve conduction studies still waiting result from 2wks ago LP ok re o bands brain MRI with contrast ok neck MRI ok thorasic and lumbar MRI 7wks ago ok bloods ok standard and auto immune EEG ok drs a bit baffled def neuro problem has affected both arms, hands, legs , spasms in bowel legs andarm balance,bowel,head tremor,intention tremor of arms trunk and right leg cannot feed myself due to lack of co ordination hand to mouth, and lack of control of right wrist and forearm. …left hand wrist swollen and painful. vertigo been bad loss of right side balance after first week in here and right hand function. this has been coming on since eye probs in jan … they have ruled out ms, ALS, Parkinson’s,mnd bacterial infection, spinal tumour…they suspect on in jan related to this but say not due to demylation or irreversible nerve damage but think there is inflamation of spinal cord and cns. causing malfunction of the spinal cord. they think this is at cellular level and not necessarily visable on standard MRI. no evidence of spinal cord tethering… slipped disc from 2010 has gone back into place largely due to my yoga and exercises last 2yrs… S1 is arched and complete and is considered a birth defect…not spina bifida occulta as indicated in 94 MRI. they feel any damage is reversible which is very positive. I did see a neuro psych but no indications from him any issues or involvement…basically they are summing up as inflamation of spinal cord and cns due to an unclassified neurological problem… I still feel a bit of a freak…no name for symptoms yet def neuro organic issue going on hence no meds except what I have been on and rehab … once at rehab I’ll be under a neuro rehab dr but no plans to be seen in out patients unless he feels is necessary. which is fine as have had quite enough of hospitals lol thanks again for all your kind words… will let you all know how I get on can’t wait to be back home with my doggies…decent coffee…toast… the list goes on and on… bye for now em x

So glad they think this reversible Em. Just sorry that you have been through so much. It sounds horrible. I hope you see your doggies soon and get all your home comforts. Teresa xx