feel like crying today

Feeling frustrated this morning.

Hands just won’t co-ordinate - I’m a bit butter fingers. Bladders up the spout - peed 4 times during the night and 4 times since I’ve got into work at 8.30. Almost peed myself on the tube yesterday when I coughed. Now I’m scared to cough too much in case it comes out.

To top it off my side is sore on the L from abdomen round the back. Its agony to stretch or do a deep breath, it hurts if anyone touches but I can’t see anything there and I can’t twist or turn as its too painful. I can’t even push too much to go to the loo as it hurts.

Sorry guys, having a bad day and everything seems to be getting on top of me.


Sorry to hear that Reemz

I admire you for being at work at all!

Sending you ((hugs))

Paula xx

I’m being absolutely serious here Reemz: WTF ARE YOU DOING GOING INTO WORK?!

Working through this is not doing yourself or your patients any favours. If you’re ill, you’re more likely to make mistakes or miss things. You are also more likely to just make yourself more ill. (And you certainly don’t want that while you’re away.)

Go home and REST!

Jeez, doctors! You are terrible patients!


Karen x

PS Do you have a UTI? Might explain all the peeing (and contribute to the feeling crap).

Hi, didn`t know you are a doc…Karen has enlightened me on that one.

So, yeh, why are you working when you are obviously so ill?

I dunno!

luv Pollx

If you’re anything like me I’m sure the heat isn’t helping.

Can you not take a few days off until you feel better?

I think I would find travelling on the tube virtually impossible when it’s hot and my symptoms are bad and I hope you feel better soon.

I managed to wet myslef yesterday, I had no idea I needed the loo and stood up from my desk and just started going, thank goodness I was the only one here.

The pain around my ribs over the last few days has been unbareable, again I’m putting that down to the weather and stress, like you I attempt to struggle on as I refuse to let my symptoms get the better of me but I really am struggling to cope atm.

Here’s a gentle hug from me :slight_smile:

Hi Reemz x I know how hard it is to need to struggle to work - but this ‘thing’ is not something you can take a week off for and get better - it’s sooooo long drawn out - and yes work will inevitably suffer!!!

But Karen is right - you really do HAVE to put your health first x I’m struggling still - but it’s tolerable - by what you are saying - it’s time to take time out xxxxxjenxxxx

Thank you guys. I know ideally I shouldn’t be in work but I guess I feel like maybe if I’m distracted and busy I won’t notice it so much and I know I’ve got time off from monday as I’m off to Cyprus. Managed to swap so I’ve had a quiet afternoon and only seen 2 people and will go off home shortly now.

@Paula & Clare. Thank you for the hugs. I guess I want to go to work because my boss will give me time off if I need to just go last minute, I love what I do and I think of the patients and how they’ve waited X amount of weeks to see me. But I know I need to be sensible and not overdo.

@ Karen. Got one of the nurses to check my urine but looks okay. I know I should go home. I’ve got half day tomoz and friday and I’ve made my boss aware so if it gets any worse she knows I won’t come in. Shes got a hernia from coughing so we’re all falling apart. ps - you’ve promoted me to Dr status - thanks ;-)! Though the amount I’ve studied I could have done medecine but wouldn’t swap my job for the world.

@Poll thank you for the thoughts Can’t take credit I’m not a doctor just an allied health professional.

@Tabitha - yep tubes a nightmare - specially standing in the heat. At least if I get a seat I can sit and its bareable. Hence I’m glad I’m on holiday come sunday with the olympics. It sounds like you’re trying to struggle through like me. I hate giving up and going to work is my sanity. I love it and feel completely stir crazy if at home sick for a few days. Gentle hug back to you too (your ribs sound like my abdomen).

@Jen (good to see you around again :-)) I know I have been battling the last month. I’m on holiday from sunday so I guess I’ve been trying to keep going knowing that I do have a break coming up and even though my boss is great you just never know in the current finanacial climate.

Really really appreciate all your guys comments. You’re right I should take time off I’m not great - I guess admitting that its all getting to me is difficult. Off home now and will see how I feel tomorrow and if I should be in at all.

Thank you



Hi Reemz just wanting to send you big hugs, hope you feel better soon


Hi Reemz, I wanted to send you a big hug aswell.

Adrian x

Oh Reemz,

I just wrote a fab response even if i do say so myself and the rudder computer lost it…

It envolved hippos, tears, watering holes and all of us.

Basically we all need to wollow like hippos in a deep muddle puddle of tears sometimes however we need to get out so that someone else can use it when they need to. Stay there for as long as you need but remember I shall meet you by the wattering hole so that we can help someone else climb out one day!

Cry for as long as you need…until your pillow is dripping, your cheeks are red and your eyes are bloodshot and puffy (attractive hey?)…and when you feel ready and only then…dust yourself down and live another day

Take care Reemz

Love Mandymoo xx

What’s an “allied health professional”???

Whatever their title, health professionals can be the worst!

It’s really not worth it - they’ll survive without you.


Mandy you made me laugh which hurt but it was worth it. I had this image of the hippos from the hippo-pot-a-mousse advert wading in choco muddle puddle. Do you remember hippo-pot-a-mousse or am I speaking nonsense?

Thank you so much for making me smile.X

Allied health professional (AHP), is a term to encompass occupations like - physio, ocuppational therapist, chiropodist, speech therapist, radiologist etc

Karen I feel like you’re like the mother of our little community, supporting, pulling us in line, telling us what we want and don’t want to hear (in a good way so please don’t stop) for our own good. Thank you for your input I appreciated your honesty.

I’ve been home for over an hour, feet up sat on the balcony in the shade. Still in pain and peeing lots but at least I can do it in the comfort of my own home :slight_smile:

Thank you Adrian and Nikki .

Your words mean a lot.X

hi Reemz,

Firstly let me apologise if I say things which you may have already covered in previous posts, I’ve not been a member long so am still getting to know about a lot of peoples different circumstances.

You sound as if you are suffering a relapse, your bladder may be going into spasms and that pain around your rib and back area sounds like the dreaded " ms hug ".

What medication are you on?

I’m currently on Amitriptyline which is actually helping my bladder problems even though it was prescribed for a different symptom. When I was experiencing the " Hug " I found that Gabapentin helped. The hug calmed down a lot after about 6 weeks and I’ve stopped taking Gabapentin and it’s not come back.

I really feel for you and everyone else that have to go out to work, I am so lucky in the fact that I can work from home.

I do hope that you feel better soon.

Anne-Marie x

Hi Ann-Marie

Thank you for your response.

I’m still in limbo-land. Had first obvious epsiode of symptoms last oct which prompted neuro referral. Had bloods and 2 MRI’s with non-specific subcortical lesions. The neuro felt I’d had an epsiode of spinal inflammation at the time (symptoms were pins andneedles on L, stiffnes, bladder & bowel issues). My neuro is useless and tells me to get on with it and just ignore - when I asked about my bladder at the time he said do you want to be catheterised. These symptoms settled but I was left with pain and since then I had two more epsidoes of what I thought was like the hug but around the ribs and the second was facial pain on the L with stabbing. I managed to get my GP to refer for a second opinion as the neuro was no help. I have an appointment middle of august.

I think my current symptoms have all been flared up beacuse I had a chest infection and cough but I agree there are some new things and worsening of old things so I guess it is a relapse.

So overall I have no diagnosis and no meds as GP won’t give and old neuro is useless.

I’m thankfully on holiday from sunday but hope my symptoms don’t cuase to much havoc abroad. I’m trying to hold out till I see my new neuro - hopefully I’ll finally get some help and some answers.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond - what you’ve said makes sense and at least I know I’m not the only one who’s getting these strange things happening. Plan to take it easy tonight and see how I fare tomorrow morning.


First of all I want to wish you a speedy recovery and hope you have a nice time in cyprus. If stress or work is making your symptoms words then you shouldn’t be at work.

If rest helps then I suggest you take time of work. Also it looks the neuro was a prick. I don’t understand why your GP can’t provide medication for symptomatic relief? Why don’t you see another GP at the surgery or chane to one that cares.

Good luck with everything hope the holiday takes your mind of things.

Thank you again Ann Marie.

I love my job - not stressful and I have a good boss who will support me as much as possible - so very lucky.

To be honest - just need the god damn symptoms to go and then I’d be fine but we’re all saying that aren’t we.

The GP’s worried about masking things but that doesn’t help me and I guess I just don’t want him to think I’m a hypochondriac also. Defo will kick back and try and get some well deserved rest in Cyprus and then see what the new neuro comes up with. I think its time to get some help with things I’ve been battling on with nothing for ages.


hey reemz…sorry your having a really bad day…but as others say…you need to rest up a bit…they’ll cope without you if necessary…a duvet day or two is calling…with no half days either"" , !! lol seriously as Karen says…be kind to yourself on this…ESP with the heat…certainly zapped me for six… now bea good allied health worker and take our advise…we are all saying the same thing here!! lol :-)… the world will still be here…and us of course!! ((((( hugs))))) em

hi again Reemz

That last reply wasn’t me but i would like to comment on your gp. I am astounded that he will not give you any medication. The whole idea of it is to make you feel better…He shouldn’t be concerned with the “masking symptoms” issue. It’s up to the neuro to root out the cause as clearly it’s out of your gp’s ability to do anything for the actual treatment of possible/confirmed ms. BUT he certainly is able to prescribe the common meds for some of your symptoms.

It’s not right and unfair that he is deliberately holding back on meds. The usual ones, gabapentin, amitriptyline, pregabalin etc are easily available and prescribed freely so I really don’t get your gp’s thinking at all.

To be honest you sound like you’re suffering a hell of a lot more than I did before I got diagnosed. My dianosis was purely on the basis of two symptomatic episodes within 18 months of each other and some lesions in my brain which they said judging by the position of these lesions, I met the criteria to qualify for the diagnosis of ms, oh and there was possible inflammation in the spine area which was pointed out by the radiographer to the neuro.

I hope you have a lovely time in cyprus, take some good books, sit under a large umbrella on beach and feel that lovely warm beachy air on your skin.

You take care of yourself now.