'Get Well' cards for MSers.

I’m just curious. (A recent post on here got me thinking.) Anyone remember getting any ‘Get Well’ cards when they got their MS dx? And if not, I wonder why not?


Because its not something you get better from?deepest sympathy would have been more appropriate for me i think.


“Don’t get too well, ATOS might be watching”



Let’s be honest, if someone gave any of us a get well card we would say that it showed that they didn’t understand. But flowers and chocolates would be nice! Although having said that, when did I last give chocolates and flowers to any of the people I know with chronic illnesses? Think it’s time I showed the same consideration to other people that I would like to be shown to me, time to make a list! :slight_smile:


Teddie, I had been having just the same thoughts about how I have behaved when people I know have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses, and the results have left me blushing!

I wouldn’t have been offended by Get Well cards, though. After all, people send Get Well cards to people with other things the matter, even when everyone knows that there’s no chance.


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Yes, I got one, just one with a bunch of rather nice flowers from a couple we knew from golf club dances.

A couple of people also said to me “get well soon.” If only eh?

They meant well, but clearly knew nothing about MS.

At the time I looked well and felt well, but it’s been all downhill ever since.

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Because I’ve been not well for a good few years I got a lot of ‘I’m so sorry to hear’ ones plus taken out for lunches which has been good! On the whole quite a lot of as someone said condolence messages which was actually quite a thing because it showed to me that they kind of knew what I was dealing with. Polly xxx

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I got a card, it was a moon pig type, it said sorry to hear you’ve thought of a way of getting out of doing anything for the foreseeable future, do you think you could at least try a bit of gardening or washing up, lots of love the wife. (Only joking) lol


When I was in hospital and got my MS dx two people that I worked with came by, brought magazines (couldn’t really read them as I was having a bout of retinal vasculitis) and a get well soon card from everyone at work. I wasn’t offended as it’s the thought that counts.

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i got flowers from my boss but that was probably her guilty conscience because she hadnt been very sympathetic!

what i really appreciated was the way that people hugged me in the street.

one or two even came out of the pub to hug me!

carole x

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Hi Alison,

I got a little bunch of freesias from a friend which was so lovely. A few friends sent cards just saying they were thinking of me and to keep positive. It’s little things like that that I remember and they meant so much., still do.

I try and send cards to people if they’re ill or have had a bad health diagnosis of something. Makes it so much easier to talk to them when you see them face to face as you /or they can always mention the card which avoids embarassing talk.

Jen x

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Chocolates yes please but no flowers thanks