Bad day gets better

On todays date, 10 years ago, I was dx with MS. Its always been a date I don’t look forward to every year.

This year has been worse as it’s 10 years.

My lovely wife bought me a lotto scratch card to cheer me up… Flippin’ 'eck, just won £100.

Nice surprise, but still don’t like 28th February as a date.

take care everyone


Hi Neil It’s strange how the bad dates stick in your mind, I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. I always remember anniversaries of all sorts of negative things, but have forgotten my grandad’s birthday two years in a row! Congratulations on your scratch card win, enjoy spending it!

I don’t remember the date I got diagnosed either but I do know when I had my MRI because it was my 40th birthday. I was wearing a badge that came on one of my cards - “I’d rather be 40 than pregnant”

I sat in the waiting room with lots of very ill people and felt completely foolish in my silly badge.


congratulations on ur win!

i have no idea what date my diagnosis was on…i feel similar to val.


ellie x

Nice win on the scratchcards. Most I won was one for £30 on my birthday 5 years ago! Since then a few £1 or £2 wins (not the same )

I remember 17th November as my diagnosis date but it was only 2011. Coming up to a year since starting Copaxone but know it was beginning of March sometime. Could look it up in my diary but it wasn’t a significant date for that!

So what you spending the dough on then?

luv Pollx

Dunno, Maybe 100 scratchcards! You never know. Neil

I’ll never forget the date I was officially diagnosed, it was my birthday and wedding anniversary last year… April 27th. I think it’s a great idea to get 100 scratch cards.