George Osborne at the Paralympics

I’ve just seen an amusing excerpt from the paralympics, announcing the Rt Hon George Osborne who was there to present medals, then to see the look of confusion on his face as he looked around the entire stadium groaning & booing at him. Classic!

Despite which, I somehow get the feelling that ‘the old etonian party’ still won’t pick up on the common vibe, a bit too subtle for them maybe, poor dears.



A brick to the back of the head is a little too subtle for the Bullingdon Boys, Bill :wink: xxx

Apparently, young Gideon was regularly taunted by the other Bullingdon Bullies (oik, I believe), because he only went to St Pauls and not Eton. He has been prepared for this moment all his life and it will probably represent a career high.

As a matter of interest, Gordon Brown was cheered on the same day at the swimming pool, which I would never have expected.

It just shows how fickle the British public are. It was only 2 years 6 months ago a third of them people sitting booing him voted for his failed policies.

Yet when the charismatic Gordon Brown entered the swimming arena he was cheered.

We have another 2 years at least of Bullion Boy equating the Countries Budget to that of a household. Cut; cut; cut; you watch next year when this PIP comes in; a lot of people will loose DLA.


I’d like to think poor old Gideon would be traumatised by it for the rest of his life. But I fear his arrogance will override any example of real truth!