George Osborne's parking example.

Apparently, Gideon was unaware, which comes as no surrpise to most of us.

Huh! He’s such a Banker… exchange the B for a W !!!

And this on the same day he used the tragedy of six dead children as an excuse to bash families on welfare!

Pat x

Typical. One law for us and one for `them``.

luv Pollx

This man (along with Cameron, Letwin and all the other kn**hea*ds) is socially challenged.

Great link Steve! Never seen that before. Is that that pr**cks real name-Gideon?

…and yet people vote for them.

What’s that old saying?

If it walks like an idiot, looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot, then you can guarantee it’s George Osborne

Steve that is hilarious! Have shared on FB and Twitter… must try and get it seen by as many peeps as poss!


Pat x

He doesnt seem aware of what a disabled space if for and why? This bunch Osb. and bros seem totally bewildered by any term with disability in it. I get the impression theyre allergic to disabled people either that or they treat disability issues with comtempt through ignorance?

Read the peice this morning, disgusting, he should have known and if hes not aware than should be made to be aware of why there are disabled parking spaces for the disabled and not government ministers being dropped off etc.



What his driver did after Osbourne had got out of the car was wrong.

Perhaps he should have asked him to move before getting back in the car.

What I find more disturbing is that he bought a burger in a service station. Don’t they have an M&S outlet in the service station :wink:


i would love to say what i think about this but i know it will all be hidden coz of all the swear words id love to call him

Here’s another great youtube link…hahahahahaha…

Pat x

It’s a shame I haven’t still got my old Volvo Tank and licence,'cos I could have really knocked the smile off that Range Rover


well i think i know what was going through idiots mind when he used a disabled parking space…its ok i can park in this space as theres no disabled people out there as they are all lying scroungers, so no one can say im disabled and i needed to use that space, hes only got one brain cell left, the others jumped ship and left him, the one thats left is used to be doing stupid things that he thinks are clever, what he did is a great example of why you are allowed to key a car

In today’s Mirror, he was spotted parked in ANOTHER disabled parking space!!! Couple spotted him… woman has MS…

Pat x

What chance do we have when the alternative is Balls?

Gideon is nothing more than a political strategist, but Balls is a qualified economist and has been proved correct about the ConDems dreadful management of the economy. Mind you, I am an old leftie, so would say that.

He did keep us out of the Euro, if that’s any good?

Good grief, anyone would think he is an arrogant posh boy that couldn’t care less.

, but Balls is a qualified economist


If he is that good with figures, how come he couldn’t tell the difference between 50mph & 56 mph… all least he can now count the points on his driving licence.

What hope do we have with any of them.


Well anything is better than the tory(spit) tits