I've got an Aston Martin and I'll park where I want

I was out boozing on Saturday night and there was an Aston Martin DB9 parked in a disabled space with no Blue Badgeright next to the wine bar. He’ll have seen the piece of card with ‘words of wisdom’ stuck in the gap between the door and bodywork,but not the bit in the gap around the boot lid.A gorgeous car owned by a bank and driven by a selfish —d.

It pleased me and I’ve reloaded with cardboard.


Hello WB,

What a totally ignorant driver. It would be tempting to put a kilo of sugar in his petrol tank!


in annoyance,


He he he. You certainly have a lovely way of making your thoughts known! Lets hope he/she parks elsewhere in future.

Just a thought, dont suppose they really were disabled and the DWP were paying them too much?



These selfish thoughtless people really annoy me, I often say to my O/H I wish I’d got a note and I’d put it on their car.

Good for you for doing it.



I carry 4"x 6" pieces of cardboard and a marker.Parking in disabled specks with no visible badge,cars parked across supposed drop kerbs and any vehicle which impedes the progree of those who may struggle 'cos of a [very filtered words] individual merit a few words of wisdom.I never touch windscreen wipers, but can always find a way of getting the message across.

I can bump down a 4-6 inch kerb on my big buggy if required.I have front suspension,but not many peeps can do this. I feel duty bound to stand up(that’s a hoot) to those who may not be able to. I detest injustice and am more bolshy now than ever.