George Osbourne Booed in the Paralympic Stadium! Yes!!

Oh yes - 80,000 booed George Osbourne tonight as he came out to present medals in the Paralympic stadium!!

Karma perhaps?!

I hope it’s just the beginning, Clegg is hanging by a thread, Cameron doesn’t want Clegg to go in case it gives the Nasty Party any ideas…and he has managed to pee off everyone in the party,left,centre,right,you name it,they’re peed off.Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of [ seriously filtered word ].

Yes and believe it Gordon Brown was cheered at the swimming. Makes you wonder who voted Tory in the last election.


Just heard about this on the news, hope it hits the headlines!


To be fair to Gideon, he was only verbally abused because there were no firearms available.

OH it’s wonderful… and I saw on Twitter that Cameron was boo’d too!!!

‘Cameron’ was trending on Twitter early evening yesterday and honestly about 99% were ANTI Cameron… was great!

Pat x

I wonder if it made the newspapers, I think not. Perhaps the Guardian. The rest of the country seems oblivious to what’s going on, or perhaps they just don’t care.

Wendy x

Since you mention it, here is the Guardian article.