George Jelinek diet


I wondered if anyone else is on the diet and using meditation, as prescribed by Professor George Jelinek.

I’ve been on the diet for several years now but I went to an ‘MS and Mindfulness’, meeting on Saturday and am going to try meditating every day, in fact I have done for the passed 2 days.

Wendy x

I don’t follow a diet as such (I probably should but I love my food too much), however, I do meditate twice a day. I did a course in Vedic meditation and the benefits of it are amazing. So I’m now a fully fledged meditator and I love it. I’ve yet to see if it’s doing anything for my MS (I was told it can reduce symptoms and halt progression) but I do feel much calmer and less tired.

Lisa x

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Thanks Lisa

I’m only just getting into the meditation but have been on a Jelinek style diet for around 3 years now. I’m afraid I haven’t kept strictly to the diet as lifestyle hasn’t allowed but do try and avoid saturated fats and processed food where ever I can, also try and eat fish 3 times a week the rest of the week I am vegan. It does take more time to prepare but it’s worth it, as I’ve got used to avoiding normal bread and cheese, this use to be the main part of my diet.

Good luck with the meditating it’s obviously helping.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

I follow the best bet diet no dairy,gluten free,low fat,no sugar and I take lots of supplements, I have been a vegetian for over 40 years but now eat fish 3/4 times a week and feel really well most of time, it might not be the diet that is keeping me well but I think its worth a try, I also started Taichi a few years ago its really good for balance and just got into mindfullness;

good luck with your mindfullness


Thanks Sue

Wendy x