Gastro enteritis and MS

Last weekend my husband went down with gastro enteritis. Despite my best efforts with bleach in the bathroom and hand washing to the point of OCD last night I started with it.

I know the standard and best advice is not to take anything cos it’s better out than in, but as I takes me ten minutes to walk what’s about ten steps to a person without MS there’s no chance of getting to the loo in time. We don’t have a second loo so I can’t take up residence in one.

So, I’ve been taking Imodium. It’s about ten hours since my last bout of diahorrea and I’ve not been sick like my OH was.

My general health has always been good.

I think I’m looking for reassurance. In the early hours of this morning I would happily have signed a do not resuscitate form.

I’m sipping water and feeling thoroughly sorry for myself.

My OH only got back to normal after five days. I can’t take five days of this.

hi flowerpot

yuck! what an awful thing to have.

phone your doctor for advice,

speak to your ms nurse for the same.

hope it doesnt lead to a relapse.

carole x

its not nice, but make sure you are having enough fluids,little and oftens best,hopefully it might not last 5 days.

hope you feel better soon.

J x