Gabapentin undecided

Hi All - I like many others here am still in Limbo my journey has been over the last 3 yearss and have seen 3 neuros in this time,

my symptoms are like many others but suffer mostly with muscle pain soreness stiffness legs effected mostly both legs.


I had an MRI of my head about 18 months ago and saw this on screen all clear.  Inbetween I was diagnozed with suspected

Chronic Fatigue.... thiss sort of delayed things over the last year but I was referred back to a different neuro about 2 months ago and he has agreed to an MRI of whole spine.  I cried such a relief for someone to believe in me.  He perscribed Noritriptyline or Gabapentin for muscle pain stiffness.  I have taken amitriptyline in the past so know what this feels like and weaned myself of this as felt was effecting my mind to much and not doing a lot for symptoms dont get me wrong I was grateful for it at the time.

I am so undecided about taking gabapentin withoput a proper diagnosis but this may be the way it has to be.  To have an easing of daily symptoms would be good - I know not to expect to much though.  My MRI is in about 10 days just pondering over whether to wait till I have has this.  Gabapentin seems like a bigger investrment than amitriptyline as doc says you have to increase slowly  are there any problems in coming of this?  She also checked my kdney function to before perscribing..

3 years ago I would have made a decision quickly and precisely but a lot has gone on since then.

Other possible diagnosis are Transverse Myelitis, Fibromyalgia

Any feedback greatly appreciated

Take care - be heathly in 2012





hi h

i was under the impression that gabapentin was for nerve pain, at least thats why it was prescribed for my mum, so if it was me i would wait until after seeing neuro, you havent listed nerve pain so i dont know if i would take them until i knew they were going to benefit me, i know my mum was quite nauseous with them but she does have a very delicate stomach and reacts like that to a lot of drugs.


ive had a brain and spinal mri and still nothing showed so i hope you get some answers but i think lesions on the spine dont always show up.

i think you need to be prepared for nothing to show again as i know its been awful for me emotionally as it looks like the medics dont believe you, so although i try not to hope for results i usually do have some sort of hope that this time i will get answers.

i too, have had diagnosis of fibromyalgia, likely ms, CFS/ME and now im back to "its all in your head!"

good luck with your neuro appt.

love mandy xx

Hi, gabapentin was given to me many years ago as a first med for leg stiffness and spasms. I was in limbo too. This is often the first med they try for stiffness and spasms. I then moved on to baclofen.

It did help my stiffness, spasms and pain and as this was helped it also helped my fatigue levels.

It's best to start on a low dose and slowly increase the dose as it can leave you feeling weaker and jelly legged. To me if your symptoms are that bothersome it's definitely worth a try.



It takes a while for the Gabapentin to work. I started taking it at the end of September and it worked straightaway on a dreadful burning symptom I had but did not really work on pain until recently.

It also makes me pretty dizzy about an hour and a half after taking it and this lasts a while and often requires me to have a short nap.

Saying that, I’d rather have it than not!


Teresa xx