Gabapentin for burning feet anyone

Hi folks,

I have recently been advised to cut down on Amitriptyline; as added together with Baclofen and Codydrymal (and MS) they were causing constipation. My Neuro proposed that I take Gabapentin to help with nerve pain in my feet, so that I might be able to stand up for longer periods and would help with my walking, also he proposed that it would help with the nerve pain in my back.

Well I’ve been on 300mg of Gabapentin for over a month now and although I’ve noticed a slight improvement, I am still not able to stand for very long as the burning pain in my feet, particularly the left one is still pretty bad.

Has anyone else found that Gabapentin hasn’t worked for burning pain I am asking? Or should I stick with it.

Thank you for any advice.

Wendy x