Fuzzy head

Hi, yesterday I came home from work with a banging head ant this morning I felt dizzy and weak and my speech is, although not slurred, seems lazy, if that makes sense to anyone. Anybody else have these symptoms? I was diagnosed 13 years ago with RRMS. Thanks, Sharon x

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Yes, me…usually following any activity where I’ve been exerting (doesn’t take much!) myself. I’m used to it now and instead of “pushing on” I sit down and shut my eyes for, however long. Works wonders.

Hi Sallum, I often get not so much a headache but a muzzy, sick feeling and I realise I’ve done to much and sit down and shut my eyes for a while wake up and I’m back to normal, whatever that is!! Listen to your body and rest if you feel as you have been.



Janet that sounds like low blood pressure.

Jan x

Thanks Janet and Anon, but I hadn’t exerted myself at all, just sat at my desk at work and rested at home. Was much better on Friday, but called my MS nurse and left a message. All better now so not a relapse as such just on going symptoms… Sharon xxx

Thanks Jan but I do not have low blood pressure, I have it checked often enough, but thanks for your thoughts.