Funny turns?!


I am hoping for some advice/opinions - I seem to have these ‘funny turns’ sometimes where I come over a bit dizzy and unsteady and my eyes feel like they are trying to catch up with my movements - very odd and unsettling - it happened again last night when I got out the bath and after a lie down I felt better. When I have these ‘turns’ the pupils in my eyes sometimes go different sizes too ( got opticians tomorrow to check eyes) Does anyone know if this could be an ms thing?

I may just be freaking out thinking everything that happens is another sign I might have ms when it may well be unrelated! I am currently in ‘limbo’ waiting for results at the moment.

Any advice / experiences is appreciated


Hi Jen,

Your pupils of different sizes is known as Afferent Pupillary Defect afferent pupillary defect - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

You’re without question; overheating; don’t have hot baths. It all reverts around Optic Neuritis