Waiting to know what is wrong with me....

Hi everyone. Recently i have been diagnosed with relative afferent pupillary defect and also have a shortened and narrow optic nerve and losing my peripheral vision in my left eye. Anyway…my opthalmologist has said this could be MS symptoms and am currently waiting for neuro appt in two weeks. Had an mri scan but never really said anything other than prob with optic nerve. Really worried but at same time don’t want to worry. Rightly or wrongly have since noticed some of other symptoms of MS i suffer with (fatigue, memory probs, pains in leg/dead leg - which opthalmologist picked up). GP is useless as have had leg probs for few years but never really done anything about it. I don’t want to worry myself thinking but at same time find it hard not to. I could just be perfectly ‘normal’ but just a bit worried…
Sorry for the rant…thanks in advance for anyone that knows what Im waffling on about! :slight_smile:

welcome! oh yes you will find many people on here who know what your talking about!

all of our symptoms could be numerous things ms being one, I have only been in limbo land for 13 weeks I am awaiting lumber puncture. I understand your concern, frustration and worry.

try and keep diary of your symptoms so you are prepared for the neuro appt. at the appt you will prob have full assessment of reflexes etc you are in the right place. rest and look after yourself. post on here any questions you will always find a listening ear. let me know how you get on at appt.


Hi, very hard for you. All you can do is wait for neuro appointment and see what they found on the MRI. It IS hard, as most people on here will know. You try not to think about it but can't help it, and every little thing, stuff that you would normally ignore, now becomes significant as a 'possible symptom'.

All I can advise you to do is take it a day at a time. You are in the right hands, having had MRI and seeing neuro, and IF (notice that is 'IF') it is MS, you will cope with it. It will not be the end of the world (promise). 

I think also that you are worrying about worrying? Sounds daft but it sort of makes sense. Just sort of accept that at times like these of course it's completely natural to worry... in fact it would be very strange if you weren't worried. So accept you are worried but try and relax as much as possible. Reassure yourself that you will get some answers soon. Avoid looking on the internet at every little possible symptom, it really doesn't help. 

Try, if you have someone close, to talk about how worried you are. That really helps too.

Hope you get some answers very soon,

Take care,

Pat x

Well…had my neurologist appointment today…finally! After lots of strange tests with needles and balancing acts i apparently have less sensation on one side. I also have ‘spots’ on my brain mri that need to be investigated. I now have to wait for an electrode test (not the right term i know :slight_smile: ) , mri of my spine and a lumbar puncture which i am dreading. Got a check appointment for three months in which hopefully i should have had my tests done (good old speedy NHS). Asked my neurologist what could cause probs i have he said lots of things and didn’t specify anything. Now the waiting game continues…but at least slightly further forward…

Oh and had a blood test also…to check for antibodies or something? Anyone know what this could be?