Just waiting!

Hello everybody !!. I’m sarah, new to this site!.. Just after some advice a And so see if anybody else started with the same symptoms!.. I haven’t been diagnosed but all started 8/9 weeks ago my nerve in my right eye was damaged I finially found out after lots of hospital doctors and optitions appointments!.. I have optic neuritis it’s improving great with glasses I have to control double vision!.. I then 4 week ago had a little thing at work where my right hand side of body went all funny and arm was like a dead weight and numb and tingly in my face! … I had MRI yesterday and waiting for my neurologist app for this week or next week some time!.. Anyone got any idvice?.. My dad also has secondary progressive ms too xxx

Hi I woke up with double vision last April ,and a few days later right side of my body was numb except for burning pain in my leg. I’ve had 2 mri’s showing lesions on my spine & brain,lumper puncture,ct scan, evok potential and after 3 neuro visits was DX RRMS 10 months later. But loads of things can show similar symptoms to ms, so try not to worry and wait for the experts to run all the tests,hard I know. Take care Gray x

Hello Sarah, Glad you made it! The results of your MRI will tell the neuro what is wrong, but as Gray has said it could be something else, so let’s hope your appt’ comes through quickly and you get a Dx . Wishing you good luck. Janet x

Hi!.. I’ve just received my app it’s for the 22nd April so we will see!.. Thank you xxxx

Hi, Do let us know how you get on. Janet x