Hi everyone , just want to know is this normal for ms ?? I have many symptoms and suspected ms but today and yesterday lasting for 1 hour and a half at the longest but has come and gone my right eye has heat wave wobbly going on in my peripheral vision ( they only way to explain ) is this yet another thing I have to deal with ??

Hi, There are so many variables with MS, that it’s important to get new symptoms checked out. If i were you i would go to the GP and ask for a referral to an Opthalmologist, they usually have emergency clinics so you can be the same day. I think it’s worth it just to make sure nothing is happening - you really don’t want to gamble with your sight.

Best of luck, let us know how you get on?

Laura :slight_smile:

hi little ginger my husband has both multiple sclerosis and chronic uveitis a very serious eye condition ,please go and get you eyes checked out it maybe optic neuritis but could also be many other things Hopefully its nothing to serious our local hospital has an walk in emergency clinic like laura said,please do not ignore any eye problems as i know how serious they can be.Take care xxx julie