Awkwardly trying to navigate in this MS world

Hey there! Maybe I’m a bit of a maniac (I reckon) but I’d like to ask if this happens to someone else too. Is it me or someone else just struggle more when they are tired? For me I find it hard to focus, I find it hard do small and precise movements (like cutting certain things), my vision where I had optic neuritis gets slooooow. It’s just hard to concentrate. On the other hand I’m fine physically. What a strange world MS is🙄 Another question is if whether temperature can make some symptoms appear, like the other day I went outside in the night and it was cold, I suddenly struggled seeing and started to see gray again from my right eye! I got scared and got inside, in a few seconds it was okay.
Sorry for the maniac health mode, I’m a girl in her early 20s who was diagnosed last year who’s trying to navigate in this crazy world, my doctors haven’t really explained things to me. Whenever they see me they just say my MRI is really nice so I continue my life normally like I have nothing so I know I’m lucky, I just wanted to know if the things I’m experiencing are normal :face_with_monocle:

Hi hun, nothing in MS is normal lol. You should read my post have we been dealt the joker card. YES WE HAVE. Heat changes can do all kinds of things. when it is too warm my eyes go blurry. I have had several lots of ON. I can tell when its going to kick off as my eyes start first with weird things.

Heat or temp changes can exacerbate symptoms and also kick of weird stuff.

If the change in vision happens, yes just move away. I cant stand flourcescent lights so in my kitchen my light is never on. I have shutters on my windows and they are mainly closed with minimal light lol. Light is my nemisis.

Your bound to be scared it is scary, but its just MS. I believe. BUT if you have any worry about your eye health at all talk to a member of your team ok.

BUT I have experienced all of this. when its warm i cant differenitate colours. red looks pink, green looks grey. or is it the other way round lol. I have put on what i thought was green trousers then realise they are grey lol.

My daughter had to help me choose my colours for my sitting room as what i though was red was a weird colour lol.

anyway sorry to say welcome, but it seems your MS is under control according to the MRI so just take a breath MS is a bumby roller coaster ride with a lot of weird things.xx

The Madness of MS … were we dealt the Joker card?