eye test

Hi all… Been for eye test today due to dizzy spells ect… Eye test went ok and no chance with my precription. . But they found my pupils are not equal!!! Is this something to worry about??? … my optician asked me if this was normal for me… as nothing on record from last years test… I said no!!! Optician said she’s going to write to my gp and neurologis. .proper freaking out now…:frowning: Vickie x

Hello Vickie

I’ve looked this one up for you. The clinical term is Anisocoria ( unequal pupils).

It can be linked to ms and also a few other conditions. It can also occur in people who suffer with headaches/migraine.

Its a recognised condition, so I’m sure your neuro and gp will be able to reassure you that something can be done about it.

Hope this as helped a bit


This is really interesting…I had my eyes tested in August due to sudden blurred vision and pain in one eye and the optician told me that one of my pupils was slightly larger than the other one. He didn’t think this was anything to worry about, but I’m now wondering if it is more significant than he made out (the larger one is the eye with which I have the pain and blurred vsion). He confirmed that some of my eye symptoms are definitely neurological and not optical, so I’m wondering if this is too.

Thanks for the link, Anonymous! I think I shall just mention it in passing to the Neuro when I see him.

Thanks Blossom… im trying not to stress myself out to much about this! !!! Just adding it to my never ending list of symtoms hehe… will wait and see what the neurologist says when I see him. . And thank you anon for the link… And purpledot would never have known if I didn’t go for eye test… im too wondering if its linked as its the same side as im having all my problems… im sure the nuro will hopefully explain it all… Vickie.x