Funny 5 minutes

Hi all, hope everyone is ok.

I was diagnosed with the onset of MS back in 2012 and to be honest i count myself very lucky with very little issues.

This past year i seem to be suffering more so. I have these funny 5 minutes where all of a sudden a strong feeling of everything moving happens. ive always suffered with a slight wooey feeling but these funny 5 minutes are quite powerful and they leave me with a muzzy head afterwards.

i am not currently on any medication at the moment. My question is does anybody else suffer with similar symptoms? and if so what do you do?

Any help or advice would be grately appreciated.


Could this be vertigo? I’ve heard of other people talking about it. Anthony

Not sure if it’s the same thing, but last Christmas every time I moved my head, however slightly, the world started spinning. I also had double vision. I thought I had optic neuritis. Got it checked out and according to the doc, it was a virus. It lasted a few days and went suddenly, as mysteriously as it came. It was horrible at the time and I certainly hope that Santa doesn’t bring it again for me this Christmas. Derek


Is it when you move, or when you move your head that everything spins? If so, it could well be vertigo. If it’s just sitting still, without even moving your head or shrugging your shoulders then I’m clueless.

If it is vertigo, you could see a physiotherapist. Many of them are really good at treating vertigo.