Frustrating and loosing faith

Hi everyone I am still here and still trying with this forum, but jeez it’s hard.

Does anyone else click on a topic but when it opens it’s just coloured dots, best way I can explain it? Any ideas what to do please.

Stay safe and take care

Pam x

Hi Pam, sorry I can’t help I don’t get the coloured dots. I do find the site hard work though so don’t log on much these days.
Hope you are keeping well.
Stay safe everyone.
Jan x

No I don’t get the coloured dots.

I access the forum from this page:

And just go to the section I want and look to see what the newest posts are for that. And then just click on the word ‘forum’ at the top left of the screen to return to the main forum page. I am using a Windows computer. Are you using a tablet or phone, or an Applemac?

I must admit I don’t get on well with the internet on smart phones. Not tried this forum at all on a smart phone, but imagine it would not be easy.

Hi Pam,
Sorry that the new layout is not working for you. I still hanker for the conversational flow of the previous site but I am trying to learn and adapt to the new one.

I guess you might be talking about

sort of thing. To be honest I ignore it and try to find my way around.

All the best

Hi all

Thanks for your replies I will keep trying, not being very technical I thought it might be something I am doing wrong, but the dots aren’t there all the time. Very strange.

Keep safe

Pam x