From slipped disc to MS

Hi All, I am new here and unsure if I have MS. A few weeks ago I slipped a disc in my lumber spine. On viewing the MRI and reviewing my symptoms the neurosurgeon decided he wanted to refer me to a neurologist for further tests and to rule out MS. Obviously that came as a shock. One minute having a slipped disc and the next minute possible MS.

But thinking about it I have had symptoms over the last few years, headaches, facial tingling, stabbing pain behind eye causing blurred vision, twitches,memory loss, impaired cognitive function.

since the slipped disc I have had obvious pain in my lower back along with a strange ‘pain’ in my left leg and arm, like the feeling you get when you have had a dead arm and you are starting to get feeling back but it’s s painful, nagging, hot feeling. Also my leg and arm feel weak and heavy and my undercarriage feels as though I have had a mild epidural.

i see the GP on Wednesday to discuss what will happen next. I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else? And do you think my symptoms (since the slipped disc) are due to the slipped disc? I was sure they were but consultant said they aren’t!

thank you for reading xxx

Kind of similar to my story. I was referred to a spinal surgeon with a suspected slipped disc in my neck. I had no other symptoms at the time… From the onset the spinal surgeon said it was unlikely to be a slipped disc as I was too young (22), also that a slipped disc would not cause symptoms in 3 limbs. The MRI confirmed that it was likely an “inflammatory lesion”, not a disc issue. I then saw a neuro who sent me for a brain MRI, which showed more lesions (whoops). One thing led to another and I was diagnosed with MS. I imagine that MS being put on the table is a huge shock.Try to stay positive, your neurosurgeon may have referred you to neurology as he cannot find a surgical cause for you symptoms so would like you to see a medic to rule out other diagnoses. With hindsight I am hugely grateful that my surgeon was thorough enough to pass me to neurology, allowing me to have access to an early diagnosis and treatment. You’re doing the right thing to talk to your gp, they will be as surprised as you are and should be hugely supportive. Perhaps see if they will discuss the scan with you again, and check that the referral has gone through to neurology. My gp is still my closest ally in negotiating the hospital system. In the meantime try not to stress, it sounds like your hospital is doing their best to look after you. If it does turn out to be ms, be patient it gets easier with time - and whilst it’s a bad disease, it’s not all bad. Take care x

hi MamaG

you are being referred to neurology and this is the person who will carry out a multitude of tests to establish if you have ms or not.

it’s a good idea to discuss it with your GP.

when your appointment with a neuro comes round, think about taking someone with you to prompt you and to make notes of what is said by the neuro.

carole x

Hi MamaG, My wife is pretty much diagnosed with Ms.She had an accident at work nearly 2years ago which seemed to have caused a back/shoulder injury which did not go away and eventually turned out to be damage to the neck(shown by mri scan)disc and trapped/damaged nerves etc.I noticed her stumbling i reckon last september but we just thought dopey from the painkillers.In Feb this year she had some severe and sudden weird symptoms and Ms started to be mentioned. When we saw the neurologist in july he mentioned a previous misdiagnosis and although we are not 100% sure i think it was this he was referring too? Ollie

Thank you so much everyone, what a lovely community this is, makes me not so worried if I do get a diagnosis. The consultants have been amazing. MS is huge in my family which is another factor. Just s waiting game really.

thank you again xxx