From Bad To Worse

Progress report: I’ve posted a letter to DWP this morning telling them about my change of circumstances , applied for an application form for tax credits, sent off for single owner council tax, waiting for a water meter to be installed and arranged for a house evaluation which is being done tomorrow. As my house’s heating is gas ducted air heating I don’t expect a decent evaluation. Too much involved to replace it. Still don’t know why I can’t type in paragraphs.

I’ll carry on talking to myself. Had a phone call today from the guy who helped me fill in the DLA form. I had e-mailed him at the weekend but he did not ring until today. I told him I posted a letter to DWP yesterday and he told me it will now be treated under PIP. There’s nothing going right for me this week. There is no light at the end of this tunnel.

Hi Mr Grumpy… the thing with being in a tunnel is you sometimes think that light will never come… but it will.

I have to say that actually you have done quite a bit this past week… even though you feel like you’ve been in a ship wreck, you’ve got quite a bit together. You are still functioning even though it feels like hell.

Hang on in there. One thing you can absolutely depend on in life is change… we should all know that with MS. Nothing, absolutely nothing stays the same for long… so the feelings you have right now will change as well… as will your situation.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

True Leopard! There always light at the end of tounel. My husband is my carer because he knows I would have cared for him if it was the other way round you see! Have a nice day x

Sorry, meant tunnel

Here’s the latest buds.

I’m convinced she’s now seeing someone. I don’t know when this all started but I think it’s far too early. It may well be that it was going on before she left me and that’s why she did.

Thinking I need closure and the truth. I don’t know who she’s seeing but I know he’s a home wrecker and able bodied.

Just bumping this up so you can read about my alleged dishonest ex.

Ahh mr Grumpy I’m so sorry…you’ve done so well but I can see its still hurting you. It must be so hard to still be working with her…makes it SO very hard for you to move on. Wish we could find you someone new to take your mind off her, It’s a sh***y old life sometimes, isn’t it? Thinking of you and hoping for good things to come for you. Love Nina x

Oh, that’s rotten to hear and I can understand… anyone that thinks they might have been cheated on would!

It does sound like you’re really angry right now and I think you would be regardless, the MS and it’s implications are insult to injury, not to mention they leave you feeling so much more helpless :frowning:

My husband says he’s sticking around and it’s my worse fear that he won’t (we argue over just about everything right now!). I wish there was something I could do to make things just a bit easier.

It really sounds like you need to talk Mr Grumpy, PM me if you want to vent cos I bet my husband is grumpier than you right now :wink:

Sonia x

Thanks for your wishes guys, I’m honestly ok. I’ve done the heartache and am now left with anger and bitterness. I’m papping myself for when I do confront her and get the confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s so hard living here alone and seeing her at work. Wish the place will hurry up and sell. New house, new start is the way I’m looking at it. Thanks again. At least I know where to go to find a good bunch of folks.

Sending you lots of positive vibes Mr. Grumpy. Hard as it is for you to believe right now, but you will actually get past the anger and bitterness as well.

I look at relationship break-ups from years ago, ones which at the time broke my heart, and now I wonder what all the fuss was about.

Hope that house sells soon. Have you been watching Phil Spenser ‘Secret Agent’? It’s all about having no clutter in the house and having it looking like a blank canvas… so, according to Phil, it’s even worth painting a neutral colour and even having new neutral coloured carpet fitted.

Put the clutter in a storage unit until you sell… although I’m aware these things all cost money and you haven’t got a TV channel paying for it all (on other hand you could apply to ‘Be on a show’ on channel 4 and try to get onto ‘Secret Agent’… not a bad plan eh?)

Pat x

Sorry to hear this about your ex Mr Grumpy! I hope you manage to move on from this setback to recovery but you’ll get there! Hope the house sells soon! Teresa xx