I was diagnosed in August last year , I cannot come to terms with what’s happening and how much it is affecting my family… my wife and I argue a lot as she can’t cope and we spend most weekends on edge with each other, I feel and have felt that she is better off without me in fact I feel like a burden emotionally a physically to everyone . I really don’t know what to do anymore.

i still work and my employers are-being very supporting to me . I feel lost just want to give up

Hi. I can’t imagine how hard it is to feel that way with your wife. I’ve been divorced for so long and can’t regret it as I should never have married him. You haven’t been diagnosed for that long and it’s not an easy one to get thrown your way. Can you see your gp, ms nurse or neurologist? I think you and your wife both need support. Is it really what she wants, to leave you? And do you really want to be without her?

The ms society has a support line you can phone them on. Your situation sounds quite desperate. I’m glad you have supportive employers but that’s only part of your life. Please seek help, living as you do at present isn’t healthy and unless you can both sit down calmly and each of you be totally honest about how you feel, how you can improve the situation and what you see your future to be, it’s going to continue.

I’m only saying that because my daughter and I had a huge breakdown in our relationship as her dad caused serious friction. Things got so bad that I was suicidal. I got my diagnosis during this deep depression which didn’t help matters for me. Jen was acting out at school and referred for counselling and it was the best thing we ever had. The therapist spent time with both of us individually, then together and she mediated. We both overcame our differences with time and now we’re closer than ever.

I’m not saying it was easy, and we still have arguments as two individuals always will. I take anti depressants but we’re both in a much better position. I’m happy and she’s at uni getting firsts in her subjects. It’s not the same as your situation with yours with your wife, but there is help out there.

Take care.

Cath x

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Hi have you both considered counselling. It might just help both of you. Its a big shock for you and the family for you to be diagnosed with MS. It’s not easy for any of you. I have been diagnosed a long time now, but at first, it took me a couple of years to get my head around my diagnosis. Have a word with your Dr and ask for some help for you both to come to terms with all this.Its good to come on here and talk about it too.It helped me a lot in my early years of diagnosis.Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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