Coping alone

2nd time onto the forum, diagnosed with PPMS in October and working as busy Special needs Teacher. But since divorce in February living alone and feeling very lonely. Only divorcee amongst my friends, and only one with life changing diagnosis! So life not really worth living at the moment, or indeed for the foreseeable future. How does anyone find the energy to keep going. Already on anti-depressants and had counselling, but it doesn’t change basic rubbish facts of life!


Welcome to the forum, I am sure it helps to chat to people who understands the problems ms causes. When I say talk, I mean virtual of course.

You are bound to feel low as you have had a lot to contend with, all together by the sounds of it, but although you may not think so at the moment, it will get easier.

Being told you have ms takes a while to get your head round, its like a beveavement, all kinds of emitionsl denial, anger, frustration, to name just a few, but just take one day at a time, and you will find it gets easier, be kind to yourself. Also, I appreciate you have a demanding job, but if you can, try yo do something thay you enjoy.

I havent been through a divorce, but can imagine some of the problems that could cause, but hopefully someone else with experience in that field will be aling shortly to offer advice.

Take care

Pam x

Hi, I am sad for you that you feel bad enough to say life isnt worth living…but you also say at the moment…so that tells me you still have the will to live on past these down times.

Being the only one in your circle of friends, who is on their own and has a chronic condition, is a rotten lot.

Maybe the anti-depressants and couselling havent actually kicked in yet.

Let`s hope they will soon, eh and you can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep talking to us and we`ll do our best to bolster you, hun.

luv Pollx

Hello, sorry to hear about your situation. Special needs teaching requires so much out of you it seems totally unfair that you have other life changing considerations. When I was diagnosed in 1994, I was single and alone. My reaction was to just pile myself into my job as a year six teacher. While I seemed to be on some sort of crash course, I stayed realistic about what I could do. As a result I managed another 18 years which was probably 3 years too many! Both this forum and site are brilliant ways of letting off steam and finding things out. In the early days it really helped to alleviate my sense of isolation. While those around you may struggle to understand your condition, there are plenty of people here who do. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi, where do you live? I’m thinking of going to a hotel in Blackpool that caters for disabled people. Join me if you are near enough.

In fact, everyone welcome. :slight_smile:

My goodness I’m not surprised you’re struggling at the moment. I’ve been through divorce and the trauma of it and the stress of an ms diagnosis but not together. Like Poll I picked up on the “at the moment” which is positive as you are aware that it won’t be forever. You need to let yourself grieve. That sounds negative, in contrast to what the counsellor has encouraged but you’ve lost both your health and your marriage, both very difficult to accept and cope with.

There is life after divorce and ms though, I’m living proof of that. Granted mine didn’t come together but my divorce coincided with the birth of my daughter. I found out he had a girlfriend when I was 3 months pregnant, so I do understand. Your job is very stressful but I imagine very rewarding. If you need time off don’t be afraid to take it but don’t spend time off brooding. I recommend a hobby. My dx would be harder to accept without my sewing. Have a look at the prospectus your local authority sends out for courses, either evening or over a weekend, you’ll meet new people who enjoy the same things, I really enjoyed mine.

My ms nurse had just invited me on a course for people newly diagnosed in the last 2-3 years which I’m going to attend too, I’ve never heard of this before, but if it’s being done nationally I’d ask to see if there’s something similar where you live. I wish you well and just want to add that we do understand the ms and are here for you if you need us. I got my dx last June so it’s still fresh in my memory and everyone here was so helpful. Take care

Cath xx

Hello and welcome I hope you find strength and support here.

Sonia x

Hey, you don’t have to be lonely. I too work with students with learning difficulties but in FE. A truly demanding job, which I love but sadely it no longer loves me. I have read many threads on here that make me smile, shed a tear but also give me hope. Sounds like we both could do with a holiday in Blackpool but you know what it is like taking a holiday interm time!

Lou x

things will look up for you, i was widowed 3 years after i had my ms diagnosis,my little girl just turned 2,i found it very hard indeed when it happened,but i got through it,as you will too,my ‘little girl’ is 21 in July lol,and i now have a beautiful 15month old grandaughter who makes me smile every day .

J x