Frequent Urination for 1 year non-stop, could this be MS?

Hi guys, i’m in a pretty bad situation as far as my physical and mental well-being is concerned.

A bit of history, I had a big bout of tummy/abdominal pain and symptoms which I stressed over in December 2015 and early January 2016 with frequent trips to the doctor which eventually lead to me getting the boot from work. I was a nervous wreck for that time and after so many visits and tests with seemingly nothing wrong with me the doctor diagnosed me with depression/anxiety and prescribed me 50mg Sertraline.

At first I was hesitant as all these symptoms I had like the crazy pain all around my abdominal area made me truly believe I had some form of stomach/colon cancer. Eventually after 2/3 weeks of Sertraline I was starting to feel the benefit and for the next 5/6 months up until July I was feeling great. I moved from the UK to the Czech Republic in Febuary to temporarily live with my boyfriend, I was in a great moment in my life. Then things started to change…

Now for the past 4 or so months I did notice that I was dribbling quite a bit after urinating, probably noticed it around May, but I wasn’t too bothered about it as it didn’t get in the way of my life and it took a few wipes of tissue paper to solve the issue. (sorry if tmi). Come July I started to get some bad groin/testicle pain (not caused by anxiety, i certainly wasn’t anxious when it started), eventually I went to the Czech docs and they did and ultrasound and xray and couldn’t find anything wrong with me. At this point I was in a bad state of anxiety.

After a week or 2 the pain subsided but this was when my frequent urination kicked in out of nowhere, I started having to go every 20 minutes and while I was hoping this would be a short phase it’s now extended to a year of non-stop peeing. Some days are worse than others. I did go to the docs between the transition of when the constant peeing started and the pain dying down, he did an ultrasound of my bladder before and after urinating and he said everything seemed normal, he prescribed me 2 weeks worth of Vesicare but all this seem to do was cause me to strain while peeing. I haven’t been since. 10 months later it’s still as bad as it was before…

What the question is basically, is can it really 1 year worth of frequent urination be caused by anxiety or could there be something the docs are missing? Thank you guys in advance and sorry for the wall of text, this thing really does seem to be taking control of my life. Sometimes I can hold on for an hour or so depending if it’s a good or bad day, but it’s still something I really need sorting. I should also mention I need to go once every middle of the night, on the odd occasion twice.

I’m conducting a urination chart that I will show to my GP tomorrow (haven’t been in ages since they said it was probably nothing) and I notice my volume of urine is only about 50-200ml per pee, sometimes even lower. Just a moment ago I was bursting to urinate for 2 hours, I finally get to the toilet and I only pee’d out a volume of 80ml…

Also would urination problems caused by RRMS come and go or be constant?


I wouldn’t automatically think constant problems with urination, but no other neurological issues would indicate MS.

Obviously, you’ve looked up MS symptoms and found that many people with MS do have bladder problems, often causing frequent urination, but usually you’d expect either some fluctuation and/or some other neurological problems if it was relapsing remitting or progressive MS. This doesn’t mean MS is impossible, but in my experience, it doesn’t sound likely (clearly this is not a medical opinion nor a definitive answer!)

There are many other reasons why someone might have frequent urination trouble. So you are doing the right thing by seeing your GP and getting it checked out. Hopefully there will be some easily resolvable solution.


Thank you for your response Sue. I think my main worry comes from the fact this has lasted so long without getting any better, which made me think that it could be something neurological like MS. I am trying to pin it all down on anxiety but the fact it’s been so long and is just this one particular issue it doesn’t seem likely, I don’t know, we’ll see what my GP says…


One possibility you have to think about is a combination of MS and an enlarged prostate gland. You need a referral to a neurology department to get this checked. There is a blood test that can give a pointer to this (but nothing more exact) and if you take Biotin you need to stop at least a week before the sample is taken, as it can bias the result the wrong way.

Best medication for men is Tamsulosin, but while it reduced my need fron every 2 hours or less, that was all. I have noticed that since I have been on Baclofen (for muscle spasms) I can go a lot longer between needing to go. I still feel that I want to almost all the time, but the need is much reduced. Baclofen need to be prescribed by a Neurology dept (then a GP can actually write the script), so you need to be referred - fast.

Just remember that we all have different symptoms, even though we all have MS, and you might need to see more than one consultant before you get the problem nailed down. So start with your GP - what, are you still here?


What are the chances of this actually being MS though if I don’t have any other neurological symptoms? I will be pushing my GP for a referal to a urologist first before seeing a neurologist.

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it’s a good plan to see a urologist as well as a neuro.

in the uk you can self refer to the bowel and bladder clinic.

they are marvellous.

carole x

Update: I’ve been to my GP, I will get an ultrasound before and after urinating to see how well my bladder empties, we will take it from there. I assume I’ll eventually be referred to a urologist. I’m really hoping a urologist will find something, I’m dreading it’s something sinister like MS.

In the meantime my Sertraline has been increased from 50mg to 100mg which could help with anxiety. The ultrasound will hopefully be done either next week or the week after, once the GP has seen the results, hopefully he will refer me to the urologist quickly after, I have to get through a lot of medical bureaucracy.

hmmm MS sinister?

I’m quite sinister myself but i have MS so that makes me very sinister!

for some reason i want to write minister to rhyme with sinister.

if i was sober i’d make a poem up about seeing a minister because i’m so sinister.

excuse me for waffling a load of twaddle on your thread, that’s what happens when i spend too long in the pub!

carole x

3.48am??? OMG. I only thought that time existed because of sleeplessness, not the Pub!

Oh well done Carole. (Sorry, just thought I should have whispered because you may have a sore head, or just be a little bit tired today!)

And MB, don’t suggest that MS is sinister. It makes us all feel a bit crappy. And all we’ve done is try and help!


Sorry I didn’t mean to cause offence, I meant in terms of relativity to more “common” causes of frequent urination!

No offence taken here. Don’t mind not being ‘common’!

I truly hope you get a solution to your wee problem that’s more easily solvable.

Sue x

Got an ultrasound of my abdominal area/urinal tract and everything seems fine physically. He said it could be something causing an irritable bladder.

I’m still dreading I have MS… Unsure