Weird Symptoms

Hi all,

I haven’t been diagnosed with ms but have had symptoms for a couple of years now and was referred to the neurologist in June, I have had 2 mris the first one showed lesions on my brain that looked to be demyelination get and the second one showed no changes.

The Neurologist I was seen by has since left but referred me to the ms team before she left for their opinion, which I am still waiting for an appointment for . I have had a few new symptoms since the second mri and just wanted to find out if anyone had experienced these two symptoms specifically.

The first symptom is frequent urination, sometimes 20-30 times a day but only small amounts each time and I am also getting numbness in that area.

The second symptom I have had for a while but only recently linked it to everything else that is going on, basically when I’m sat down My head seems to shake very slightly almost slightly rocking back and forth involuntarily, my 6 year old son said it looks like my head is wobbling, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

thank you xx

hi amy

the frequent urination is a classic symptom and you need to get referred to the bladder and bowel clinic, your gp can do this or you can self refer (google your nearest B&Bclinic)

physical tremors of some kind also affect many of us.

see your gp about the new symptoms so that they get entered on your medical records.

hope you aren’t waiting too long.

carole x

Thank you for responding Carole, I have informed my gp about the frequent urination, but not the head wobbling as yet, I thought I was going mad, but when my son said he noticed it I realised it must really be happening lol! I find it hard to decide which symptoms are worth letting the gp know about or not!

Amy xx


if a symptom is bothering you, tell your gp.

explain that you are still under the neurologist and want to build up a picture of what has been happening to you.

learn how to reduce stress in your life because it really does make everything worse.

so don’t be a martyr to housework.

i haven’t used an iron in 10 years.

fold the clothes after 15 mins in the dryer and they’ll be fine.

avoid stress heads, there are certain people who are so stressed it has a knock on effect on others.

spend the time saved on drudgery playing with your son, much more rewarding.

carole x