Male, 33, Pre-Diagnosis


I’m a 33 year old male. I have basically one symptom. Frequent urination (20 times a day) and some tingling after urination. Small amounts.

I’ve tested negative and positive for a UTI and tried antibiotics. There’s nothing mechanically wrong they can find. Im not diabetic. Im emptying normally and fully. No prostate issues. No kidney stones.

I’ve had a cytoscopy and such and its clear so the next steps is an MRI for MS.

I don’t have any dizziness or movement problems or anything. I have been depressed and anxious a few years ago. I’m anxious now but I think its understandable.

So, just the frequent urination really, which has been ongoing for about 2 months now.

I am, candidly, scared to death of an MS diagnosis. This has come out of nowhere. It seems to be the urologists main theory.

I am beyond frightened of this MRI. I don’t think I can live with a diagnosis like MS.

I had tuberculosis 10 years ago in multiple organs and it can show up years later as a recurrent urinary tract infection but the urologist feels it is not possible and has been ruled out.

I had hoped my I’d been through my “illness”, at least for a little while longer. To be facing MS now is devastating.

Hi @NotJohnC … The thing to remember is that urologists are not neurologists and it is a big leap from 1 symptom to be thinking MS. There are lots of tests in between but that said only when there is just cause.

Just so that I understand have you been to your doctor and discussed what your urologist has said?

I am not trying to be harsh but your urologist has whipped you up into a frenzy. You need to take a breath and try and rationalise your next steps.

You just have to let the various consultants work out what you’ve got. It could go either way.

I have MS, do have urgency & frequency issues and as such, am being seen by the urologists more than the MS people at the moment. The two departments are used to working together. That said, I had urinary and prostate issues long before any suggestion of MS. I was MS diagnosed just over a year ago but in the absence of any other data, I may have had a CIS as long ago as 2003, at which point I was already aware of a bit of suddenness to my urination.

Your Urologist is doing the right thing by referring you. As a solitary symptom, even if it is MS, it has been identified so early that if not curable, MS would be treatable and progression almost stopped before it can develop very far. Chances are though, you don’t have MS and it’s something else. Has the MRI already been ordered or has the Urologist referred you to Neurology who will then order the MRI. Could save yourself a couple of months of anguish if Urologist can order the MRI right now.

Hi, whoa!Hold on lad before jumping into MS research!

Lots of things can be or mimic MS.

I’ve had PPMS for 24 years…yes, no-one wants this condition, but try not to get fixated on it. Many, many people live a good life with MS.
Modern meds can make a huge difference to symptoms.

Have your MRI and see what occurs.


Sorry to spam - I should add that the MS is on the basis not just of the urinary frequency, but the mood issues that began 6 years ago. Just the kind of overall picture AND the lack of alternative explanations for my bladder right now.

It’s the urologists idea, not mine - I’m sure you get health anxiety people in here self diagnosing. As I say I’ll take the MRI if it is offered in a few weeks and go from there.


MS is the urologists guess, I won’t second guess his reasoning but he’s seen a lot of male bladders and they’re ruled out a great deal.

I’ll try not to get ahead of myself, and if it is made available, take the MRI, which is frightening but can only benefit me in the long run.

I definitely understand the annoyance that people with MS must feel with posts like mine.

Hi @NotJohnC … I’m certainly not annoyed with you and your urologist may go on to be right. I was more concerned about the fear factor, caused by his ‘guess’ that it might be MS.

If you can as Graeme says find out if the urologist can order an MRI then you are one step nearer to finding out what maybe going on with you.

If you can try not to spend too much time on google, the temptation will be great. So many posters on here have done so and are overwhelmed with what they read.

Try not to think the worse, if it is proven that you have MS, then there is a lot of support out there, including on this forum.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Just wishing you good luck. The pre-diagnosis stage is not a nice place to be.

I think I have been generally urinating a lot but in early May, suddenly, things went out of control. And overnight I was uriating 30,40,50,60 times a day.

Sadly things havent really improved all the way and it all feels weak down there and isnt working as it should.

I’ve got jelly legs as well, and they are tensing on their own. It doesn’t seem like a great outlook to me.

I imagine I’m going to be one of those people with the progressive one which nothing can be done about. Or, if it can, they won’t let me have the treatment. It’d be my luck I think.

I have also been depressed for about 6 years, during the start of that I had what I felt were seizures.

Other than that, no other problems.

I have a neurologist on the 6th and Im hoping against hope I can be in the relapsing remitting category and try some medicines. I doubt it. Just a gut feeling.