been troubled for the last week, with frequent urination (peeing every hr) back pains, pains in my bottom and between scrotum and anus,and dry mouth. also dont feel like i have much energy of late, and finding it very hard to concentrate or read passages properly.Also seem to have slight headaches and brain fog a lot of the time

iam concerned this is ms, can anyone advise, had the frequent urination and symptoms on and off for ages(as in 4-5 years) but doctors alwyas just say its a virus, had blood tests and eegs.

i have a son who is special needs with 5 disabilits and 24 hr care, so concerned if iam ill he wont get the care he needs

Have you had a PSA test? It could be prostate. Or get your GP to test for a UTI.

We cant tell you from a random set of symptoms whether it sounds like MS. If you have everything else ruled out and are worried that your symptoms come from a neurological cause, ask your GP to refer you to a neurologist. Once they’ve done a physical exam and taken a history from you, he/she may order more tests.

Concentrating on MS isn’t necessarily the best way to go about things. Instead of fitting your symptoms into a diagnosis, talk to your GP about your symptoms. Doctors tend to prefer to discuss your symptoms and for them to suggest what could be the cause.