Freezing left leg and foot

I have suffered a very cold right leg and foot for a couple of years,i wondered has anybody else had this problem and is this one of the many symptons of PPMS. Mark

Hi Mark, have to say yes, it is an MS symptoms. I haven’t personally got it but have read lots of posts from people who have it… and it’s not just PPMS but the other types too.

It’s another sign of the messages not being sent properly from the brain. The central nervous system also controls body temperature (basically it controls everything… like the computer of the body) so the MS damage in your central nervous system (in your brain) has caused the cold leg and foot.

Are you on any meds Mark?

Not sure if I’ve seen you on here before (but I’ve got a terrible memory) anyway if you’re new… welcome to our little gang.

Take care,

Pat x

Yep I get cold knee’s I sit with a blanket over my lap a lot of the time. Funny thing is it is not all the time. I TRY MOVING AS MUCH as possible even just twiddling my toes to keep my circulation up but it is hard when I am in the wheelchair most of the day still Prince Harry will be colder than me when he goes to Antartica

You debt Mark, welcome to PPMSM

I get this mark, my right foot & leg too. It’s my worst side though & it’s half size of my left leg. It’s horrible at night though in bed & your left leg touches?? So cold makes me jump! :slight_smile:

Sorry Mark, I meant to say you bet I actually have furry boot/slippers on as we speak and have to wear bed socks. Take care guysM

Hi Mark. I have cold feet and hands most of the time, unless its over 25 degrees inside or out. Ive also noticed that Im feeling much colder generally. When Im out on my scooter I look like an Eskimo with all my layers. I guess there`s a fair few of us shivering out there! Group hug anyone? X Faith WB

Group hug sounds just the ticket Faith…here we go then, arms out ready (((((hugs)))))

Pam x

Just logged on for a nosy,and have seen all the replies for my post regarding my cold leg and foot. Thanks for all the messages,instead of replying to you all individualy this is to thank you all for your comments. “If only that was my only problem” HaHa. x.

Hi Mark; no real freezing problems for me (yet!), just very extreme stiffness/tightness down my left side with violent twitching at night, for which baclofen is doing very little to help.However, my cold intolerance has got worse over the past couple of years, to the point where I really need to wrap up very thoroughly indeed. Not sure if this is just part of the ageing process though? Don’t you just love MS…

Hi Clucker pigeon,i hope it is not part of the ageing process as i will only be 55 in 2weeks, although i have never felt so knackered as i have this last couple of years, it was only 6 years ago i was going out running and cycling. “so no i xxxxxx hate M.S” Mark x.