Fraser's bad day.

Frazer had a terrible day yesterday, a dog attacked him he s fine but we were both very shaken by it. We were at the park doing our voluntary work on the litriture cart, when a dog came out of nowhere and lept on his back. Poor Frazer was so shocked , he’d just being lying on his blanket at the side of my wheelchair. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt but could have been , the dog was a huge German shepherd, I hit the other dog as hard as I could and got out of my chair …full of adrenalin,… but fell very heavily and hurt my knee. I’m fine but felt very shaken and felt so weak I couldn’t breathe and needed a lot help to get back in my chair. Hopefully it won’t affect his confidence or mine. Michelle and Frazer xx

Omg Michelle that’s awful, poor you and Fraser (((hugs))). I must admit this is my worse fear when taking Alfie to the park, he is so tiny, to a big dog he would look like a pushover. They are supposed to be on a lead, but there are always some running around loose.

What did the owner say? I am lost for words Michelle, but angry that this happened to you both. I do hope you can get over this and both hold on to your confidence and keep going.

Pam x

So sorry this has happened to you Michelle,what a shock for you both…poor Fraser, hope you both soon recover.


J x

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The owner was very defensive but I stood my ground …not literally I was on a heap on the floor but I told them that I would have to report the dog , as it happened I didn’t insist because it was obvious that Frazer had escaped being hurt I think my reflexes saved him …the dog got punched so hard it jumped off him and I shoed it away but fell onto my knees …poor Frazer he was in such a panic and wouldn’t stop barking …hes very protective of me too . I think we were both in quite a state I couldn’t stop shaking and crying for a while . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Jackie, I suppose it happens, but I think that they were very iresponsable not having it on a lead. It had just come on to the park , we always sit at the entrance with the litriture stand so they were breaking the law anyway , the owner asked what Frazer had been doing …the cheeky man …Frazer was on his lead which is fastened into my wheelchair and he was lying down at the side of me on his blanket. Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle, I’m afraid the world has its fair share of self-centred sanctimonious herberts.

Remember you have far more courage and respect in your little finger than he will ever have in his whole persona. I remember having a run-in with some pompous old non-entity who assumed he could just throw his oversize obscenity of a car straight onto the pavement outside the newsagent in Langdale Way.

Hope you can put it all behind you.

Steve x (extra special woof for Frazer)


What a git! So sorry to hear this for you and Frazer. So irresponsible of the owner and what an aggressive dog! I hope you can both put it behind you quickly and I hope your bruises heal up even more quickly Sonia xx

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Thanks Steve , your kind words really help…i felt quite down about it . Frazer is fine we are both tough . Lee was really annoyed about it . He works for guide dogs and there has been an increase in attacks. Assistance dogs cost such a lot to train and he said he’d known of a dog attack where the dog had to be retired because it was too traumatised . I think the most I can hope for is that the man will learn from it and be more responsible, his wife looked shook up by it , she disappeared quickly with the dog while he tried to play it down. Langdale way shop, Steve…we must have walked in the same footsteps…its just down the bottom of the hill from me. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Sonia , I’ve been out with him since and he seems fine , I’m okay too . I had a dog come out at him once before, but it just growled and ran around him and the chair . I must admit I was scared then and screamed and shouted and the owner called it off …the difference is he was really sorry . I think Frazer being my best friend and constant companion and also all the places he enables me to go from shopping , hospitals and faraway places, he’s constantly by my side. I think it hurts all the more he’s such a big part of my life and my mobility Michelle and Frazer xx


I can totally understand that x

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Poor you Michelle and poor poor Fraser!!

I hope you’re both feeling ok now, must have scared you half to death!

Love Nina x

sorry only just seen this.

Poor you and poor Fraser.

That nasty dog needed a good wallop.

Didnt you see anyone who knew./owned it?

Either way, report it to police incase it has attacked before.


Thanks everyone, Frazer loved to know that everyone on the ms forum is asking about him . He’s fine and has bounced back. I’m nervous still , I hadn’t seen it coming , it was off a side road and you couldn’t see around so there was no warning . The dog was with a couple who seemed happy enough to let it walk free . I hope that they think twice next time . It has made me more anxious, there seems to be a lot of people who think the law doesn’t apply to them. I get so scared when I see a dog walking lose with their owners, Frazer is attached to my chair and I find myself going a different way or hanging back in a drive way. it’s not fair. However I’m not going to let this stop me I’ll just be extra cautious. Michelle and Frazer

So how did the dog`s owners react?


It’s funny Poll, I hate to say this but they weren’t great at all. It all happened so fast, I was volunteering on the literature cart and Frazer was lying on his blanket attached to my wheelchair with his lead. We do this most Saturday mornings , then out of nowhere came a huge German shepherd, he immediately jumped on Frazers back , he would have hurt him badly but I reacted quickly and punched the dog and instinct set in, I got out of the chair to scare him off but fell and cut my knees, by this time the owners had caught up , the lady looked upset and quickly disappeared with the dog but the man was a bit defensive, he asked What Frazer had done…Frazer is such a good boy not aggressive at all . I think I’d have felt better if he’d have apologized, anyway I didn’t report the dog as Frazer wasn’t hurt , he would have been if I hadn’t of scared their dog off…im glad I wasn’t blind . I’m putting it behind me Poll no point letting it affect me and Frazer. Michelle and Frazer xx

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