Forum problems - just me?

The last 24 hours or so, the forums are down for me half to 2/3 of the time.

If I can get on long enough to start posting something, it’s a gamble whether it’ll stay up long enough for me to finish.

I keep being automatically redirected to the “Treat me right” campaign - to the point I want to shove it up somebody’s bottom!

Just me, or is it that nobody else can access the forums either, to report they’re having problems?


No, not just you Tina, I’ve had exactly the same since late yesterday evening.


Hi all,

We have had a few reports of this, many apologies - we are trying to get the bottom of it.

Thank you for your patience.

Steph (Admin)

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same here

J x

Same here. But I had sone ferrets that needed pickling, so did that instead. But I’m out of geese now


A few problems here too. Google sometimes warn me off and won’t open the site, saying it is potentially insecure.



Would not let me in, so changed my password.


There’s an irony…

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Hi there,

You shouldn’t need to change you password to log on, but some of you may find that you are not able to log back on until tomorrow when your systems have updated and cleared.

Unfortunately you are still seeing the problem, even though it has been fixed, if that makes sense .

If you do want to clear your system now, I have a link with instructions that you may want to try: How Do I Flush My DNS Cache on Windows? | Support | No-IP Knowledge Base (You will need to copy and paste this link in to your address bar rather than click on it.)


Steph (Admin)

So I cleared the DNS Cache.

Then I cleared the cache in Firefox.

But the Forum tab still takes me to Treat Me Right.

So I tried using Opera - tab took me straight to the forum. This would suggest that the DNS lookup used my my router is fine, and that the problem does not lie with my PC, or with the MS-Soc website. All that seems to be left is a Firefox problem. It really is a PITA.


Thank you, does seem better now, although I haven’t tried flushing the DNS cache - with a bit of luck, might not need to.

Yes, I have been getting the (Chrome) security message Alison sees on-and-off, too.

When I have navigated to the site, either using a saved bookmark, or just Googling, I have kept ending up on the “Treat me right” page. On the few occasions I didn’t, and was able to start typing, I often got the security warning if I tried to post it.


Chrome seems to be OK for me now. But I think my ancient iPad (Safari) is still stuck with the incorrect routing.

If it doesn’t correct itself automatically in the next few hours, I’ll have to look up/work out how to flush the DNS cache on an iPad.

Thankfully, the iPad is not my primary device, but I’ve spent a lot of time in bed the past few days, so been on it more than usual.

I noticed that accessing the site from the laptop gave me a slightly better (but by no means guaranteed) chance of reaching the forums, whereas they’ve been effectively dead to me from the iPad since about yesterday lunchtime.

I wonder if our members who only use iPads are completely locked out? It would certainly explain why it’s so quiet.


Nope. I’m an ipadder. No problems here. Apart from understanding a word Dr Geoff said that is!!!

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[quote=“DoctorGeoff”] All that seems to be left is a Firefox problem. It really is a PITA.



Agree, the problem seems to be with Firefox, which I regularly use. When I try accessing the forums I am given the TreatMeRight page instead. If I ty using IE it works OK, and the forums are accessible using Chrome on my smartphone.



Still getting the Treat Me Right page using Firefox.
No problem if I use Opera

I flatly refuse to even try with Internet Explorer.

Looks like I will have to do a bit more cache clearing …


And further to the above:
I have just cleared my Firefox cache (twice) and the Forum tab now takes me to the right place!

Anyone having a problem with this can PM me. Ssssue - I am hurt, I am deeply wounded, but if you are an iPadder, you are probably using Safari anyway.


Sorry Geoff, but there are some things that shoot straight over my head. Techie computer speak is just one of them (the maths questions on University Challenge is another).

And yes, I’m using Safari … Right now

Sue x

Hi everyone,

Is anyone still having problems getting to the forum via the top menu tab in FireFox? If you are, I was advised the following:

The way around this is to find the site in the history bar of Firefox (ctrl + H), search for, right click, ‘forget about this site’ then close and reopen the browser. Doing this, you may lose saved passwords for though and would need to log in again.

If you are not happy to do the above, this problem will be resolved once your system has updated itself automatically, which I’m told should not take more than 24 hours.


Steph (Admin)

Same issue here