for the web team when they get back after the weekend


Well firstly I couldn’t get log into the forum because it wouldn’t recognise my password and if I tried to reset it then I needed my old password which it didn’t recognise. This now seems to be sorted. However if I log out, I can’t log back in as it doesn’t recognise my new password and I have to reset it……….

Secondly non of my existing links connect to the forum, I keep getting ‘safari cannot open the page’ If I go to the MS Society home page and click on the forum I again get ‘safari cannot open the page’ I am only here courtesy of a link sent by a friend.

I suspect there are a lot of frustrated people out there this weekend who are unable to negotiate this obstacle course.

Well, Annie B, I saw you mention Safari - and that got me to do something I had been meaning to all morning.

To me, Safari means Apple. So I fired up my iMac, started Safari, typed the Society address in by hand - and went straight to the home page. OK so far … …

Could I log in? What do you think? Both new and old passwords were rejected So like someone else has suggested in another thread, I guess that there is a cookie keeping me logged in - and that means that my normal Sunday routine of sweeping all the Spyware away (which dumps all the cookies) will have to be suspended.

Stewart is away on holiday - and even he had to create a new profile to log in yesterday - so I think we should all PM his stand-in, just to give ourselves a chance of being able to stay with the forums - always assuming we can stay connected long enough to read the reply.

And a few minutes ago a letter from the Society came through the door asking for a donation … …


Hi Geoff

Good game eh?

Fortunately I am not dependant on the boards for support these days and I’ve managed to find a way round it (using the link sent by a friend) However for anybody newly diagnosed and/or unable to get onto the site, it is not good to leave the site in this state for a weekend. A good move on Stewart’s part booking his holiday now :slight_smile:

Well done on reinstating your avatar, I can’t face that at the moment


Update: these issues now appear to be resolved.

Can’t believe how people have responded to this little blip!

Can’t believe how people have responded to this little blip!

Hi Debsxxx

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

I was trying to alert the web team to the problems users might be experiencing, especially those that weren’t able to get onto the forum to say it themselves.

Have a nice day


P.S. Web team: Some of the issues from yesterday have returned, namely clicking on links results in ‘safari cannot open page’