For marmite fans

Yummy. Will get these next time I am shopping.

Shazzie xx

Oh come on :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You must try, sometimes I drop the Marmite and add freshly sliced scotch bonnet. So no-one wants to come round for breakfast then? I am trying to scare off my ms really :-/

You’re scaring me…!!! Be careful what you’re touching after chopping that scotch bonnet…and no breathing over naked flames !!! Xx

:slight_smile: MrsH, you know what, I’ve had a really bad day :frowning: And reading your last response has made me smile myself happy again. The opening line just got me :slight_smile: And the other…yes it has happened. I will bore you with it, whilst preparing a real scotch bonnet hotty I realised I was out of garlic, popped to the loo before jumping in the car to go to the shop. Well, the delayed reaction got me as I reversed out of my driveway. Omg! If anyone saw me badly abandon my car in the drive and run for the house like I’d been stung by a thousand wasps, real comedy ! Well I really was considering A & E when I was sat in the bath tub :*) Anyway back to Marmite…

Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee OMG…I’d’ve paid good money to see that !!! Am off up the wooden hill…but I’m going to laugh myself to zzzzzz’s Xx Ps was it, per chance, a cold bath? Pps I once worked with a bloke who fancied himself a bit and decided a tan would give him a better X factor. So off he went to tantastic or whatever. The girl told him to strip off in the cubicle. So he did. Literally. And then coz he was a Celtic blooded pasty type, he burnt. Everything. Literally. Discretion was the word. Well it would’ve been if he hadn’t told the biggest gob €$¥% in the entire department. Boy did he walk funny for days. He didn’t sit down much either !!

I feel bad hijacking the Marmite thread, but I have a true one on that subject too :slight_smile: I am so unlucky :-/ My local gym (when I used to go) had a sign on the reception counter advertising the tanning tube, so Mr bean here decided to have a go. Due to some renovation work and its brand new arrival at the hotel complex it had been placed in a sort of unused conference room. I was satisfied that it was private enough to strip off and get in and close the door. It whirred and buzzed for its ten minutes and I post of enjoyed the experience. Well the whirring and buzzing covered the sound of twenty or more ladies for a scheduled step arobics class, of course you know what happened next. Well not exactly :blush: after the fan stopped I could hear all these ladies voices and wished I could have got away with standing there quietly until they had gone, but soon the “there must be someone in there” and it got worse from there on :-S