Coeliac stuff

Hi I know this isn’t about MS but I have just been to a big Morrison’s near me after looking on there web site. I noticed that schar have got some new things out. They have got jaffa cakes which taste like mcvitie’s plus a tuk cheese biscuit.

I know it sounds daft but I really do miss lots of things since I have become coeliac. They had a really big section of free from area. On the website they had a lot more things but not so much in the store.

Where I live the nearest Morrison’s is a small one and they don’t have such a big range. I go on the schar site sometimes and it was this that made me look at the other stores because of their new range. I wonder how it will be affected by Brexit as the company is Italian.

That’s something that I dread to think about.


Food is very, very important. I tried to avoid gluten for a month once (about 20 years ago, so before there was much in the way of palatable alternatives). I remember dreaming about a big fluffy loaf of bread that someone (in my dream) told me was gluten free!!

Enjoy what gluten free treats and snacks you can Kay. You deserve it.

And for all we know, Brexit could be next month, the end of October, next year, or never!! So stock up a bit while you can just in case, but don’t panic buy just yet - there’ll be plenty of that happening when the dreadful day arrives! (I’ll be sending Mr Sssue to bulk buy wine from France, Italy and Spain!)


That’s a good idea to get the duty free stuff while you can


I just mean from the local supermarket whose name rhymes with shamesburys. Especially with their ‘buy 6 save 25%’!!

I don’t think that I have bought any wine from shamesburys for a while we are still using the ones my aunt gave us she went to wine tasting meeting and bought a case if she liked it, we had similar taste for wines, I am the only one who drinks wine in this house, my niece likes gin.


I like gin. And wine. And a few other things.


Do alcoholic drinks have a shelve life or best before, as l think we have some Southern Comfort that hasn’t been opened and we have had it for three years now. I think we have a few bottles of Prosecco too, I haven’t had any gin for years I think I had a taste at one of my aunts wine tasting do’s I was about eighteen. I love cherry brandy and cider. Kay