For Anitra - handyman services in our area

Search for ‘West of England Care & Repair’ and you should find this charity who say about themselves…

'West of England Care & Repair is an organisation with charitable status whose aim is to help as many people as we can, and to provide an affordable service that reflects individuals’ needs. ’

I have never heard of them, but it might be worth a look if you need a handyperson to help with annoying (aka dangerous) things like changing a lightbulb.

I’d love to know what they are like in practice. l need some grab rails fitted so I may give them a try. I don’t use the back door any more because it has a very high step with a ‘lip’, I have fallen over the ‘lip’ a few times, and have the scars to prove it :frowning:

​I hope this post doesn’t contravene any rules about advertising.

Thanks Ellen, I already knew about them, but like you, have never used them. I actually wrote to the council (I think!) one time, about possible organisations that might help. I’ll have to see if I’ve still got their reply, as there might be some other organisations listed - will PM you if so!

I don’t know how many organisations would come out for literally “just” a lightbulb, though. I suppose the thing would be to save up a few things (not difficult, in my case, as nothing’s been fixed for years), and have them do the lot. Or maybe you can book them for an agreed number of hours, and just have them work through as many as fit in the time?

Do let me know if you try them (or anyone else) and it works out well. I suppose equally if it doesn’t work out well, so I’ll know who to avoid!

I was cak at DIY when I was well, but it certainly isn’t getting any better. I at least used to be able to lift things onto stands, or assemble an “easy” flatpack, and stuff like that. Now not even that. :(h

Thanks very much for thinking of me. I wouldn’t mind some rails certain places, as well. I’ve seen the suction ones, but I honestly wouldn’t trust them. I think to grab for a rail that comes off would be more dangerous than not having a rail there in the first place!