Getting help with jobs in home

Hi everyone, today I had some jobs done in my home. I contacted the counci who I was directed to by the MS nurse. Curtain poles, curtains, mirror and picture hanging which took him no time at all. It’s a really good service and the first two hours are free. Anything longer than that is £15 per hour up to four hours. I will be needing the service again for some blinds to be fitted and the guy just told me to ring back when I have bought them.

If you can’t get out to buy the things you need, then for a small charge, £5, they will go and buy them for you.

Yeh, glad to hear you got the work done at a cheap cost.

It`s called The Handyman Service.

Good stuff.


Thank you for that post, I wasn’t aware a service like that existed but it’s good to know. My OT has been fantastic, getting me a bath chair, bed rail and banister which have improved my safety at home enormously, another worthwhile service.

Cath xx

Hi Ricksmom, That is good to know worth looking into i will ask my council thanks, I know Anchor run such a scheme for older people 55+ which I don’t qualify for another 8 yrs, some jobs just can’t wait that long. I have twin daughters @ 20yrs who do try to fix it! & 2 boys with Autism that don’t register a need to fix it! & me sat there looking at it willing it to heal thyself quite comical really.

Like Cath I have got some wonderful equipment to make life easier around the home from the O.T service. I was offered converting my existing bathroom to level access bathing and a stair lift as I have others living here to consider I refused at this time, I am very impressed how quickly and efficiently all the aids and adaptions were put in place.

Pauline xx