does anyone know can people who have disabled husbans get help from council doing jobs

Hello i am a wife of a partially sighted husband who is struggling with lesions found on his brain, we have 2 small children and i find it hard juggling children, jobs and helping husband sometimes it gets abit to much.Can we get help doing some jobs and if so where do we get help from.My mum seems to think i can do it all ,i do try but its getting me down.Theres decorating jobs, lawns to mow, cooking, cleaning ,homeworking ,schoolwork, house maintainance its all getting abit much.Head spinning round i get so tierd xx julie

Hi, I admire you for trying to be Superwpman, but am glad you know you need help and are happy to ask.

There is a system in our area…The Handyman Service. It is operated by the council and is for elderly, and disabled.

They do charge, but are not expensive.

why not ring the main switchboard and ask?

luv Pollx

Thanks pollx i will look into it maybe some info on council website about it. xx julie