food intolerance

Hi, I’m good today. Would like a duvet day but just cos I work every sunday and I want to be lazy. Some symptoms I accept (reluctantly) now but what I have noticed is I can no longer drink coffee without adverse effects. But I’m finding that I feel bloated quite a lot and nearly always have a rash on my face. Wondering if its linked to dairy or wheat. Hard to separate out weetabix with milk for brekkie. Cheese sandwiches, jacket potatoes with butter. Always seem to have wheat and dairy together. I was always ok but the way food or alcohol affects me has changed. Has anyone else found this? Lynn

Hi Lynn,

Yes definitely. I haver a definite wheat intolerance. If I eat too much my stomach goes a bit crazy and I don’t feel too good, so I try and eat as little as possible but I have a sweet tooth and I really like puddings. So it’s pretty tough. I stopped eating bread several years ago. I try not to eat dairy and I try to keep my intake of sugar to a minimum . It’s pretty difficult and i do have days where I just go for it but on the whole I have a very healthy diet.



I’ve noticed that when I eat dairy I experience symptoms - pins and needles, numbness & weakness. When I eat the butter even my lips go numb. I avoid wheat and eat the Genius Glutan Free bread now and I’ve cut out all dairy products. x

I’ve had the feeling where my lips feel like they are burning. Tomorrow I am really going to have to try to eat good food, no dairy, no wheat. Gave up caffeine in january but I really love junk food and its so easy to prepare when you’re shattered.