Fobbed off by doc

Hi. Just over a year ago I was in a&e with a suspected mini stroke.

Sudden blurred vision in one eye, unable to create a coherent sentence, face felt odd. They decided it wasn’t a stroke and referred me to eye clinic.

A year and a bit on and I still have blurred vision and in my ’ good’ eye I have a blank patch and the vision is dull.

I have others symptoms that come and go. Such as memory trouble (names, what I was doing etc) fatigue ( worse after being ill or busy), no balance and lack of coordination, cramps in leg, pain when standing after resting (lasts only a minute), episodes of depression, and a few other bits like weak bladder.

Ive had an Mri, lumbar puncture and lots of bloods and allegedly they’re all clear.

A complaint has gone in due to incompetence at the hospital and having terrible vision for over a year with little support or info.

So… I,m pretty sure it sounds like MS but I’d like your opinions please.

hi pinkchez

it could be ms but i’m unable to diagnose you due to lack of qualifications.

however you can get symptom relief from your gp.

anti-depressants, baclofen for the spasms, a referral to the bladder clinic.

are you still on the neuro’s books?

have you been seen by an opthalmologist?

take care

carole x

If all the tests are clear, why do you think you could have MS? A neuro is the only person that could give you a diagnosis, your symptoms could be any number of things, MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose & it’s usually a very long road to finally get there. I’m wondering why you think you’ve been treated incompetently? As has already been said, your GP can help you with symptom control/relief

Whatever is wrong, I hope it’s sorted for you, good luck



‘Allegedly’? What did you want the tests to show?

I’m only half-joking - I know that it can be tempting, when we know that something is amiss, to latch on to anything that seems to explain the trouble we’re in. But it remains the case that tests that suggest that it isn’t MS are the best possible news in the circumstances. For sure, you would rather know what ails. But please do try to take comfort from the indication that you have dodged that particular bullet.

I hope that you get some clear answers soon.



Agree with Alison. I do understand your frustration and yes its needs to be got to the bottom of but clear MRI’s and lumber can only be good.

Hi, Its hard when you feel dismissed but know that something is wrong, unfortunately these things take time, hang on in there but don’t let it become all consuming I’m still waiting for a diagnosis but whether or not its ms stressing about it actually makes me worse for now i’ve stopped chasing for the answers but when i feel mentally stronger will seek a second opinion. They say time is often a great revealer of what is wrong.

Hope that helps Michelle x

Thanks for all the replies.

Theres way more to this than I could put as its a very long story.

I’m in the middle of my complaint being dealt with, meeting consultant to discuss the complaint tomorrow.

I was told by one doc that I had Ms, another told me I had had a stroke, then the third (and this was on the same day whilst I was on the ward) said (and these were his words) ‘you don’t have ms or had a stroke… We tell patients a diagnosis to stop them asking what’s wrong’

yes appalling, yes distressing, and we can’t trace which doctor told me what :frowning:

a&e doc I saw was the original to suggest Ms. It’s just one thing it could be, I know that.

The consultant im seeing, I’m told, is a Neuro eye guy, tomorrow I’ll find out if he’s really the one to be seeing.

If im honest I don’t believe a word im being told, hence saying the mri was allegedly clear, tomorrow I am going to ask who has looked at the results, I have a feeling my consultant hasnt.

I’m going in armed with lots of questions and want in writing what the results of all the tests were.

Most of the symptoms ive had for years, but the eye thing is the most prevalent and most upsetting. And after seeing my optician last week, she picked something up the hospital havent. Because the hospital, even eye clinic, have not looked into my eyes for more than a few seconds, and no not seen an ophthalmologist, however an appointment has been made for me since my complaint went in (but again, 14 months and it’s only just being done!)

anyway, Ms was one route to consider and I appreciate it could be one of a lot of things, just would be good to know what I’m dealing with.